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2' x 6' Wall Pads Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
2' x 6' Wall Pads
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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I see the attachment lip at the top of the mats, is there attachment lips on the bottom as well? Thanks.
The attachment lip is on the bottom and the top of the mats on our 2' x 6' Wall Pads.
What does 'nail margin' mean, and what is the difference between it and the z-clip option.
So there are two ways to install our wall padding, with nails or with z-clips. Nail margin essentially just means that you have to nail the wall pads to the wall. This is typically done with a 1" nail margins on top and bottom, hence the name 'nail margin,' and would be considered a permanent installation. The other way to is with z-clips. So there are two parts to a zip clip, one that attaches to the wall and one that attaches to the pad. When you hook them together, they look like a 'Z,' hence the name z-clip. This installation is a semi-permanent installation and allows you to install and remove pads as need be, easily. The z-clip option is more expensive, but the ease of installation and the flexibility it gives you could be worth the money.
Can these mats be cut to go around an outlet?
Yes the Wall Pads can come with many custom options such as making room for outlets. To have custom mats built please contact our customer service team and one of our members will assist in getting your information and taking your order.
Can you install z clip pads over baseboards? And if you have an odd dimension wall (13 feet) so you cut pad?
These can be attached over the top of baseboards. The wall pads show up with all of the Z-Clip hardware you need and you would simply install them like you would on any other wall, the pad will cover the baseboard or you can install them above. For walls of odd lengths we are able to make custom pads of 1' upon request, please contact our customer service team for more information!
Will this go on block in a basement?
Our Wall Pads can be mounted either with Nail Margin or Z-Clip installation methods, both of which are compatible with almost every wall-type out there. You'd only need to make sure that you choose hardware that is compatible with the substrate you are attaching the wall to, any type of rock or concrete would need anchors for that purpose such as sleeve anchors.
Do the nail margins have to go into studs in order to be secured?
Wall Pad installations is usually best to secure into studs. Alternatively you would want to mount them with hardware that is sufficient to anchor into drywall. Since Wall Padding is generally not used as a support, only a pad, the anchoring system does not need to be weight bearing.
Considering these for a golf simulator room. Can they be installed on a ceiling?
That would be an awesome application for these pads. They would be great for a golf simulation room. You would want to use the nail-margin version to attach to the ceiling as the z-clip depends on gravity to hold it in place. If you do this, please send us pictures!
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