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5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am looking for a floor covering for my boat. It will replace worn out carpet over a thin rubber pad. Most tiles will be glued down to prevent movement, those over hatches will remain free. It will be inside but will occasionally get wet. Must be non slip and help with engine noise and vibration. What do you recommend?
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles will help to reduce the engine noise and vibration, but are not very slip resistant when wet. The best products for areas where water may be present are our rubber products. We have several rubber tiles that would work great for your application. A couple of our most popular are our 8mm Strong Rubber tiles and our 3/8" Sport Lock Rubber Tiles.
I want to make a 6' x 10' pad that would conform to a somewhat curved surface. I want the joints to remain together when bent slightly, so I intend to glue them. What type of glue/cement would you recommend for the foam material?
The glue that we would recommend for our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles is a pressure sensitive glue.
Do your closed cell EVA rubber Diamond Soft Tiles contain formamide?
Our Diamond Soft Tiles do not contain Formamide.
How easy are these tiles to cut, and what would you use to cut them? I have round support posts in the middle of the basement space, and I would need to cut the tiles so they fit around the posts.
All of our foam soft tiles are easy to cut. Simply use a sharp utility knife, making multiple passes to cut through. Switch out your blade if it becomes dull so that it is easier for you to cut.
I have a question related to edging interior edges on donut applications. In other words, if I intend to create a perimeter mat area around a large object (?in my case, a pool table sitting on hardwood) after using the provided border pieces normally to address exterior edge, can the leftover borders ( which I think will all be the one designed for corner application) be trimmed in such a was to create a clean interior edge?
You can create an interior edge with the extra border pieces left over from installing our Diamond Soft Tiles. The border pieces will not have to be trimmed, but if you needed to trim the tiles, you would want to use a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Can these tiles be placed on a carpeted floor? I am introducing feral cats into the house and trying to protect the carpet. Containment is not a good option for me, so I wondered if wall to wall tiles on the carpeted floor will work- this will be a temporary solution until they are trained to the litter box. thank you.
Our Diamond Soft Tiles can be placed over carpet. Over commercial grade carpet, these tiles will have not issues. Over high pile residential carpet, you may see some separation due to the carpet underneath becoming depressed.
I am looking for tiles I can use as a soft flooring for car camping. There will be Air Mattresses and folding chairs. Would the Diamond Soft Tiles work? As a reusable floor?
Our Diamond Soft Tiles would work perfectly for that application.
How would these hold up to weights being dropped on them? Specifically barbells.
Our Diamond Soft Tiles are made of foam and will indent when barbells are dropped on them. If you are ok with the indentations potentially being permanent, you can use these tiles in your gym.
Do these tiles work ok over carpeting? Would use inside 4 x 8 ft. playhouse in family room for kids.
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are great over carpet. These tiles work best over low pile carpet but can be installed over plush carpet as well. When installing over a high pile carpet, these tiles can depress creating a small trip hazard, but other than that work just fine as a play area for kids.
Is the Diamond pattern actually embossed into the foam, or is it printed-on to look like it's embossed? I can't tell from the photos.
The diamond pattern in our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles is embossed in the tile.
The product is called "5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles" but the description says they are 13mm thick which is just over 1/2" thick. I need mats which are 5/8" thick. What are these?
Our Diamond Soft Tiles are approximately 13mm thick.
will the 5/8 diamond soft tile hold up outside. Im thinking of using them under an outside play gym set that has swings, rock climbing wall ect... Thanks
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles can be used outdoors. They may not last long outdoors in the elements, but they have been used outdoors with success. Over time, you will see fading with the tiles, and there may be some tile degradation from the elements and the traffic.
Would these hold up for garage flooring including parking cars on them? We want half the garage to be a gym/workspace the other half for cars. I want the floor look to be cohesive.
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are made for foam and would not stand up to being driven on a daily basis. To get the diamond look and also have a product that will handle both weights being dropped on it and a car being driven on the tiles, we recommend using our Diamond Flex Tiles.
Would these ⅝" Diamond Soft Tiles be safe to put over a heated cement floor?
Kyle Fitzpatrick
You can install our Diamond Soft Tiles over a heated cement floor. The heat from the floor will not affect the tiles. You will notice that you will not feel the heat from the heating system as much since these tiles will block the heat from penetrating through.
What is the best way to clean them? Can you use a liquid cleaner?
The best way to clean our Diamond Soft Tiles is with a rag and a mild soap and water solution. We recommend using dawn soap or something similar.
I just installed new hardwood floors. I am looking for protection under my office chair and desk. Do you think these tiles will be a good option?
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are foam tiles and would not be the best choice for using under an office chair and desk. To protect your new hardwoods, we would suggest using our Smooth Flex Nitro Tiles or one of our rubber tiles. These will protect your hardwood flooring from the desk and chairs and will not get damaged by the constant movement of the chair.
Are they flame retardant?
Jason Buzzeo
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are not flame retardant.
Co these tiles have connections on all 4 sides or per the picture only 2 sides?
Our Diamond Soft Tiles are interlocking on all sides. The images that we have on the sites show the tiles with the interlocking border pieces attached. These come with the tiles and can be removed to create border and center tiles. When both are attached, they create a corner tile.
How much expansion should I count on? My application is a van floor and living in a hot climate.
susana g sanders
When installing our Diamond Soft Tiles, we recommend placing approximately a 5/8" expansion gap around the tiles to allow for expansion and contraction. In the most extreme conditions, that would be the most extreme difference that we would see.
Will these hold a car to park on?
We don't recommend parking a car or driving a car over our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles. These tiles are made from foam and can be damaged easily by car tires. If you would like that look but still want some added comfort underfoot, I would recommend our 5/8" Diamond Plate Evolution Rubber Tiles.
What are the diamond soft tiles made of?
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are made with a closed-celled EVA foam.
Are the Diamond Soft tiles mold and mildew resistant? I want to install them in my basement which tends to be damp.
Monica Furrelle
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
Will the color rub off on you or your clothes?
sam hardage
The color on our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles will not come off on your clothes or anything else. The color is baked into the tile.
I'm interested in the 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles for basement home gym application. Questions are: Can the tiles be installed directly over a concrete floor? Is adhesive recommended? Can treadmills and other balance sensitive equipment sit on the tiles?
Our Diamond Soft Tiles can be installed over concrete or any other hard, flat surface like asphalt, plywood, existing floors, and the like. You don't need to use any adhesive with these tiles as they are meant to be installed as a floating floor. These tiles interlock together tightly helping to keep them down and in place. You can place a treadmill or other fitness equipment over these tiles. Since these tiles are made of foam, they will show impressions where the feet of the equipment sit. We recommend to prevent these impressions, to use furniture sliders under the fitness equipment feet.
Will these work on a basement floor under marley for a dance floor?
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are not a high-dense foam, so we wouldn't recommend using them under marley flooring as a subfloor for practicing dance. We do have two foam tiles that would work perfectly for this purpose. They are our 3/8" HD Soft Tiles and our 3/4" Premium HD Soft Tiles. You can find these as subfloor options on our dance flooring list page.
Are your 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles cross-linked polyethylene foam? If not, what specifically is it? Thanks!
Cal Munson
Our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles are made with closed-cell EVA foam and not cross-linked polyethylene foam.
Which product would you recommend for cars to park on? I want red and enough for two vehicles. Thanks
Stephen Vining
We don't recommend driving or parking a car on our 5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles. If you wanted a product that has a diamond pattern top that is suitable for this environment, we recommend going with one of our garage tile products. We have a wide range of tiles that have a diamond-patterned top in red.
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