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7/8" Tatami Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
7/8" Tatami Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can I use the 7/8" Tatami Tiles on a gym using weights?
Since our Tatami Tiles are made from foam, we don't recommend using them in gyms that have weights as they may get damaged by the dropping of weights, but we have had customers use them in spaces where weights will be used with success.
What are the dimensions?
Our Tatami Tiles are 2' x 2' tiles.
I'm looking for tile mats for my son's room. He has cement flooring in his room and we have 2 Pitbulls. We want thick. Any recommendations?
Tatami Tiles are one of our thickest tiles and would work as flooring in your son's room. Since these tiles are made of foam, they can be damaged by the Pitbull's nails. For flooring that would stand up to your dog's claws, we would recommend rubber. We have several rubber tiles that are over 1/2" thick. Our most popular tile would be our 1/2" Rubber Gym Tiles.
These tiles will be used in a commercial school with classes on a daily basis. How long will the tatami tiles last?
Our Tatami tiles have been built to handle a lot of abuse and are very popular in martial arts studios and the like. There is no particular time frame as to how long these tiles will last, but they are in many commercial spaces and have been used for years with very little issue. And a nice thing about these tiles is that you can replace them with ease if one does become damaged.
Other than the thickness, what is the difference between these and the 1-inch MMA tiles?
There is a difference in surface texture and the 1" MMA are thicker for maximum shock absorbency.
Can I use these tiles outside on a covered screened porch?
Our Tatami Tiles would work perfect in a covered screened porch. At any entry way, we would suggest placing entrance mats to remove any excess dirt, mud, snow and water.
How well does the tatami tiles hold up with shoe usage during workouts or is it better to be barefoot ?
As long as there are no sharp rocks or other objects in your shoes, our Tatami tiles will hold up to shoes being on them.
Will you ship to APO addresses?
We can ship to APO addresses. You will need to contact one of our flooring heroes for further assistance.
Will the Tatami Tiles hold up outside in an area that is not covered and gets direct morning sun?
Our Tatami Tiles are made of foam and do not hold up well to the elements. You can use these tiles outdoors, but they may not last very long.
Are these comfortable for jumping around on, doing aerobics, etc. while barefoot, or will they tear up foot skin because they are textured?
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles were designed with bare feet and socks in mind. These tiles will not tear up your feet and are great for jumping around and some aerobics. With some side-to-side movements, you may see some tile separation. To help alleviate that, we recommend placing some double sided tape under the tiles.
Would these tiles be suitable for use in a carpeted room? Are there any additional steps I can take to keep them from moving around?
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles can be installed over carpet. If you are having issues with movement, we recommend using double sided tape under the tiles to keep them in place.
Can these tiles be used outside in a child's play area?
Even though our 7/8" Tatami Tiles are made from closed cell EVA, they can be installed outside in a child's play area. These tiles will not last as long as one of our rubber products in the elements, but they have been used for this purpose successfully. The main issues when these tiles are out in the elements on a daily basis are fading and tile degradation.
How safe are these for use in a kids playroom? Any bad chemical smell? Formamide free? Our gym space will also double as a kids playroom and want to make sure it's safe for the little ones.
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles are very safe and are Formamide and Phthalate free. They do not have a chemical smell, but there may be a slight odor similar to a new toy. You can mitigate this with a little soap and water. To get the testing results for our Tatami Tiles, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via email, chat or phone.
Is this made from recycled materials?
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles are not made from recycled materials.
I love my new mats, but find they are very slippery. I have the tatami style mat. What can I do to make them less slippery? Can I wash them with soap and water? Dish soap? Please let me know - thank you!
For our Tatami Tiles or any of our other foam tiles, there really isn't a way to make the tiles less slip. Usually what makes you slip is the sweat from your feet or your socks. The best solution to keep your grip on these tiles is to wear socks that have a grip bottom.
Do these mats warp from heat exposure from sun shining through a window?
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles will expand and contract when exposed to direct sunlight but will not warp due to direct sun exposure.
What cleaning product is recommended to clean 7/8" Tatami Tiles? Will be used in a gym for patient use.
All that is necessary to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the foam floor surface with a damp cloth and your Tatami Mats will look like new.
Using these on a concrete floor susceptible to dampness - would it be best to place a layer of plastic under tiles?
Water will not damage our 7/8" Tatami Tiles and mold, and mildew will not grow on or under these tiles. If you are concerned with moisture, you can place a moisture barrier under the tiles, but this is not necessary.
What is the fire rating on these?
Since our 7/8" Tatami Tiles are considered a toy, they are not tested the same way as other flooring products. But under the Flammability of Solids 16 CFR 1500.3(c)(6)(vi) these tiles pass. If you would like the testing for these tiles or any of our foam tile products, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
We are wanting to cover an area in our business with these tiles. However, we are wanting three feet tall of our walls covered and slightly padded as well. I was wondering if there was a way to glue these to the walls successfully. Has anyone tried this in the past?
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles have been installed on walls with great success. When installing these on a wall, we recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive. You can use a spray adhesive, or you can use our 5900 Series adhesive.
I run a dog daycare business and was wondering if the foam tile floor holds up to dogs wear and tear? I would put them in my 3 season porch and garage.
Our 7/8" Tatami Tiles would not hold up very well to dogs running on them all day. Since dogs nails can be sharp, they tend to tear up the tiles over time.
Are edge pieces inlcluded with the 7/8 Tatami Tiles?
Each Tatami tile comes with two border pieces that allow you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile. We do also offer beveled ramps for these tiles, but these would need to be purchased separately.
what type of adhesive should I use to attach 7/8" Tatami Tiles to painted sheetrock walls or new plywood walls that is nontoxic and will hold up to kids bouncing off of it?
They type of glue you will want to use to attach our 7/8" Tatami Tiles to a wall is a pressure sensitive glue. You can use a spray adhesive or our 5900 Series Adhesive.
Why are these tiles so slippery? Would had been nice to know ahead of time that these are not suited for use while barefoot.
Our Tatami Tiles and all of our foam tiles can be a little slippery when first used. This is due to the releasing agent used to remove the tiles from the mold. To prevent from slipping on the tiles, we recommend using grippy bottom socks. These are really the only thing to prevent one from slipping on the tiles.
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