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3/8" Soft Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.5 / 5
3/8" Soft Mats
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Customer Rating 4.5 / 5

Customer Questions

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Would like to cut foam rubber mat in half and glue together to make mat twice as thick. Is this doable? If yes, what sort of glue would you recommend?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats can be cut in half and glued to each other. If you were to do this, you would want to use a pressure sensitive adhesive. Our 5000 Series adhesive would be a good example of a pressure sensitive adhesive to use.
Are the mats antimicrobial? Thank you
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria.
My granddaughter needs to work on her back hand spring , would this mat do the job ?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats can be used to help teach back hand springs.
Do you have this mat in a larger size?
Unfortunately, our 3/8" Soft Mats only come in one size. They are 4' x 6' long, but we do have other mats that are longer. Feel free to check out our All Mats page and you will be able to find several products that will fit your need.
Will these mats float and are they water resistant?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats will float and they are water resistant.
Can this mat adhere to a cinder block wall? We have installed Rubber Inc. floor mats in our garage and now need something for the wall - about 15 feet in length, and we'd like to cover up to about 6 feet in height.
Our 3/8" Soft Mats can adhere to a cinder block wall. We recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive like our 5900.
Looking for something that will allow the foot to pivot doing kicks for MMA but will not break down when doing HIIT workouts (squat jumps, plyo lunges, etc.) and light weight work. Is this mat capable?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are made more for doing simple floor exercises. This foam mat can be used for doing MMA exercises and HIIT workouts but is not an ideal mat for those types of exercises. We would suggest using one of our heavier duty mats such as our Flex Fit Home Mats or our Home Wrestling Mats.
I'm looking for a mat that I can use for cardio that includes a lot of jumping, and I was wondering if the 3/8" Soft Mats would slide during such movements?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats wouldn't move if you are doing straight up and down jumping moves. If there are more intense side-to-side moves in the exercise, then you may get some movement on the mat. For these more intense workouts, we recommend going with a rubber mat instead.
Would this be the right product to put under a Bowflex unit that is about 250 lbs? Or should I try something else?
Smita Warrier
We wouldn't recommend placing our 3/8" Soft Mats under a Bowflex, but you can. If you do use them under something heavy, the mat will indent. To help prevent indents, you can use furniture sliders.
Can I use this on a carpet?
You can use our 3/8" Soft Mats over carpet.
Is it thick and good for a back handspring? Is it good and strong? Is it good for a 10-year-old?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are pretty much a thick yoga mat and would not be the best for practicing tumbling moves. We would recommend purchasing one of our folding mats instead to practice tumbling moves.
I am a Cheer coach, and we do stunting. I am wondering if this mat will be the right pick for stunting and tumbling?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats would not be the best option for practicing stunting and tumbling for cheer. For this, we would recommend using our Home Cheer Mats or our Folding Mats. These will give the proper cushioning needed to perform these exercises properly. Our 3/8" Soft Mats are more for simple floor exercises and yoga. They are a more cushioned alternative to your standard yoga mat or workout mat.
What are the dimensions of this product?
Berta Lopez
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are 4' x 6' foam mats.
Will this work for dogs who have accidents? I am trying to protect my wood floors.
You can use our 3/8" Soft Mats as a pad for dogs that have accidents. These mats are non-porous and are very easy to clean and sanitize. Since these mats are constructed from foam, they can be damaged by pet nails. As long as the dog's nails are clipped regularly, you shouldn't have any issues with using this as a pet pad.
I am looking for safe flooring for outside play for my grandkids. This will have to go under a climbing rope ladder and a flying saucer swing. Will these mats work? I do not plan to leave them outside if not being used.
Craig B Bergman
We don't recommend using our 3/8" Soft Mats as flooring in a playground setting. These mats are very thin and wouldn't provide ample protection if a child were to fall. You can use them, but we don't recommend them. We do offer a wide range of playground flooring options on our playground flooring page that would provide the ample amount of protection needed to keep your grandkids safe while at play.
Is this mat good for gymnastics, flips, and tumbling?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats were not designed for gymnastics, flips, or tumbling. These mats were designed to be used as mats for light exercises like Yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises. To properly protect a student while they are practicing tumbles, flips, and other gymnastic moves, we recommend purchasing one of our folding mats or cheer mats.
I am planning to put your Rubber Tiles on top of concrete for weightlifting, but am needing something softer for my breakdancing and gymnastics on top of the tiles. Would this work?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats were designed to be a more comfortable yoga mat and alternative to the typical materials that are used in yoga mats as some can cause allergic reactions. We would not recommend these for gymnastics or break dancing. For those types of activities, we would recommend purchasing one of our Cheer Mats or Wrestling Mats. These products are very shock absorbent and are more durable and will be able to withstand both of these types of activities well.
I work with special needs children and need safety mats under my equipment like indoor swings and trapeze bars in case a child falls. Are these absorbent enough to protect a children ages 2-5 from impact?
miriam skydell
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are not thick enough for us to recommend them under equipment to protect children in case of falls. We do offer a number of rubber tiles that are fall height rated that would ensure your child would not be seriously hurt while at play. We also have thicker foam tiles that are not fall height rated but would be able to keep your child safe while at play.
I am looking for a rolled type mat for martial arts classes. I have a gym floor that is hard and need something to soften. I have to roll it up every night and store until following class. I don't want to pay a ton because I just opened a studio. Any Suggestions
Our Soft Mats were designed to be used as a great alternative to standard yoga mats, providing extra comfort underfoot. If you are looking to add cushion the floor when doing martial arts, you can use these mats for this purpose.
How thick is the mat? Need a 3/4" depth.
Arnold Wolf
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are 3/8" thick.
I’m considering buying this for my home gym. I want to use it for burpees & jumping activities. Will it slide on top of the laminate/wood floor?
Our 3/8" Soft Mats were designed as an alternative to PVC yoga mats, so we don't really recommend them for high-impact workouts. So we wouldn't recommend it for burpees and jump training, but if you wanted to use it, we would recommend using a little double-sided tape under the mat to keep it in place. These soft mats are reversible and have a textured surface on both sides. This can cause the mat to slip on slick surfaces like laminate and wood flooring.
How should we clean these mats? I want to make sure I'm not doing something that will degrade the material.
You can clean our 3/8" Soft Mats with a mild-soap and water solution and a rag. To sanitize these mats, we recommend using our Gym Floor Cleaner/Disinfectant.
I'm looking at the 3/8" Soft Mats to use in my garage for aerobic workouts. I will be pulling my car in & out when I workout, so I need to be sure I will be able to roll this up & move it easily. I appreciate your input.
Sherri Fisher
Our 3/8" Soft Mats are very lightweight and can be easily rolled up and out as needed.
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