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5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do these interlock snuggly with the abc mats?
Our Premium Soft Tiles will not interlock with our ABC Mats.
Will these tiles (Premium Soft Tiles) work well on top of carpet?
Our Premium Soft Tiles can be places over carpet. These tiles perform best over a commercial carpet, but can be used as a playmat over plush carpet. The only issue you will have when placed over a plush carpet is that the tiles may separate when walked on.
I don't see an age listed. Are these tiles good for 0+ or 3+?
Our Premium Soft Tiles have been tested and are safe for all ages.
What tile would you commend for a floor covering for the bottom of a tent? I do not use an air mattress and would have a sleeping bag directly on the tiles.
Our Premium Soft Tiles are great as floor covering for the bottom of a tent.
Would these soft tiles work in an [outdoor] tiki hut that has ceramic floor but that I'm planning to use as my toddlers' playground?
Our Premium Soft Tiles can be used in an outdoor tiki hut as a play area for toddlers. If exposed to the elements, the tiles may degrade over time, but they can be easily replaced if damaged.
Will the soft tiles work in the kitchen? I have concrete floor now.
Premium Soft Tiles can be installed in a kitchen for added support underfoot, but may be easily punctured if anything sharp is dropped on them.
Will these tiles stay together if laid on carpet?
If the carpet is very tall or plush, the seams may come apart a bit. If the carpet is short pile you should be fine.
What is the fire rating of these mats?
Since our Premium Soft Tiles are considered a toy, these tiles do not have a fire rating like our other flooring products. For fire testing on these tiles, please feel free to contact one our Flooring Heroes and they will be more than happy to send you our testing docs.
In one of the pictures it appears that the tiles are tapered on two edges so as not to create a tripping hazard. Is this on all the tiles or just some?
Our Premium Soft Tiles do no have a beveled edge.
What if any do you suggest as a transition piece when going from bare wood flooring to the foam tile? Thirteen millimeters (approx. one-half inch) could be a tripping hazard especially for older people. How do you suggest that this hazard be mitigated? Thank you.
The type of transition that you will need sounds like a reducer. We offer a wid​e range of reducers that would match up to your wood flooring, and they can be found on our trims and moldings page.
Are the premium soft tiles fire resistant? Does the material meet NFPA 253 measures?
Our Premium Soft Tiles are fire resistant but are considered toys, so they are ​n​ot tested under NFPA 253 regulations.
I have a 700 sq' playroom. Does the rubber floor require any material between it and the sub wood sheet floor? Our plan it to take out current carpet and replace with a rubber floor. want the floor to be really cushy so thinking the 5/8" tiles. Concern is heavy items we would place ontop. We have pinball machines, pool table, air hockey table, etc.. Can these items be placed on the rubber floor? Will the material crush leaving permanent indention in material?
You will not need anything under our Premium Soft Tiles when installing them over your subfloor. The tiles are made of foam which is similar to foam carpet padding. If you do place heavy items on the floor, the tiles will indent. To prevent this, we recommend the use of our Furniture Sliders.
Do these mats contain Formamide, Acetaphenone, or 2 Phenyl 2 Propanol?
Our Premium Soft Tiles do not contain any hazardous chemicals and are tested on a regular basis to ensure this. If you would like the testing for our tiles, feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes either via, chat, email or phone.
Is there something that I can maybe put down over the tiles after I have it laid on the floor to maybe coat them so dirt won't stick to them or maybe just to add a layer of protection from spills and stains ?
There isn't anything you can put on top of the Premium Soft Tiles to protect them from getting dirty. Removing your shoes when in use is the best way to help reduce dirt on these tiles.
Will this strong chemical smell fade? It resembles urine and is very hard to stomach. I checked to make sure there were no harmful chemicals in these, but the smell seems harmful. Could you please clarify? Thanks!
The smell associated with our Premium Soft Tiles will dissipate over time. To help speed this process along, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution. Our Premium Soft Tiles are tested on a regular basis, and there are no harmful chemicals or allergens in our tiles. If you would like documentation of this testing, please feel free to contact one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat or email.
Can these tiles be used over carpet?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles can be used over commercial low pile carpet with ease. Over plush carpet, there is potential for the tiles to separate a bit causing a slight tripping hazard, but these tiles can be installed over any type of carpet.
Is there a warranty? What is the life expectancy? Are they easily removed and replaced or cleaned?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles have a one-year warranty. Depending on what they are used for, these tiles can last anywhere from a year to several years. These tiles are very easy to clean with the use of a damp rag or mop and a mild soap and water solution. If a tile becomes damaged, you can easily replace these tiles.
What is the flame rating or fire code these are rated at for commercial applications?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles are Class 1 fire rated.
Are these tiles smooth on one side and textured on the other?
The top surface of our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles are textured while the bottom of the tiles is smooth.
Would these tiles work if mounted to a wall (sticky velcro?) for a design/ blocking wall for quilts and needlework. I would be using a T-pin into the tile.
Our 5/8" Premium Soft tiles would work for this application and have been used for this application successfully many times.
can I mix different styles? For instance, if the thickness is the same, will a rubber tile connect to a foam tile, allowing for areas of a basement room to be floored with appropriate tiles for intended use?
Unfortunately, even if a tile is the same thickness, the interlocks may not be the same. So our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles will not interlock with any of our rubber tiles.
How can the soft tiles be disinfected if in a child care center?
You can disinfect our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles with any disinfectant found on the market. Commonly used ones are Lysol Wipes, Clorox Wipes, and the like.
Does it contain Formamide?
All of our foam tiles including our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles do not contain any formamide.
Will these tiles slide on a ceramic tile floor? Can I use a carpet non-slip liner?
There is potential for our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles to slide when installing over a ceramic floor. With normal use, these tiles typically do not move or shift but can move when certain movements are done on the floor. You can place a non-slip carpet liner under the tiles to give them a better hold.
We are looking at the 5/8" premium soft wood tiles, grey color. Going on concrete. Is there a beveled edge to drop the edge to another space by 5/8" ?
We currently do not have beveled edging for our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles.
If installing in a basement, do you recommend a vapor barrier between the foam tiles and concrete? If so, what kind?
You would not need to place a vapor barrier between our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles and the subfloor. These tiles are non-porous and would not allow liquids to come up from the subfloor or down through the tiles. The only area where liquids could get through the floor would be at the interlocks. If there is any separation, liquids would be able to move from the surface to the subfloor.
What do you think would work best for our stylists at our salon. They are on their feet all day and I would put down an area where their chairs are.
We wouldn't recommend using foam as a salon floor. These tiles would indent if walked on with high heels; also, when wet, they would be a slip hazard. If you put any heavy chairs on the floor, they will leave indentations unless you put furniture sliders under the chairs. We would recommend rubber tiles. Rubber tiles are slip resistant when wet, add comfort underfoot, will not indent under high heels or chairs, and are very easy to clean and maintain.
Can these tiles be glued to concrete floor using VCT glue?
You can glue our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles with VCT glue or any other glue to concrete. Just know that if you do glue the tiles down, that you will have to destroy them to remove them.
If used for large area what is the best cleaning practice for food stains, grease, etc.
You can clean our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles like any other floor. For large dirt and debris, we recommend using a broom. For stuck on dirt and debris, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head. You would then let the floor air dry.
How large is one tile?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles are 2' x 2' tiles.
Could I use these tiles for as blocking mats (for finishing hand-knitted garments) if I wanted to steam them? In other words, would the tiles hold up to hot steam?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles can withstand hot steam without melting.
Is there a way to get sloped tiles for an entryway?
Currently, we don't have any beveled edging for our Premium Soft Tiles. For any entryway, we would recommend using any standard flooring transition you can find. We offer a wide range of trims and moldings on our Trims and Moldings page.
What are the dimensions of an individual tile?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles are 2' x 2' and 5/8" thick.
What floor preparation is needed if installing directly over concrete slab? Does the floor need to be perfectly smooth?
There isn't much prep work that needs to be done to the subfloor when installing our Premium Soft Tiles. The only things you will need do is make sure that the concrete is free of any dirt and debris. If the concrete has some minor peaks and valleys, that is not a problem; these tiles will float over any minor imperfections. If there are any major peaks and valleys, we would recommend leveling out your concrete. This will help to prevent damage to your new floor.
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