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Mat Tape Questions & Answers

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Mat Tape
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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What is the best way to keep rubber gym mat (roll) from rolling up and moving in a garage? We are trying to cover a 12ft x 16ft surface in the garage
For a less permanent hold, we recommend using our double sided tape. For a more permanent hold, we recommend using our adhesives. The adhesives we recommend are our polyurethane adhesive or our 5900 Series adhesive.
Can this tape be used on your 7/8" Jumbo Soft Foam 2'x2' tiles?
You can use our Mat Tape on our Jumbo Soft Foam Tiles. You wouldn't need to since these tiles are interlocking tiles. The tape is somewhat aggressive, so when removing the tape, you may damage some of the tiles.
Is this tape good to be used with a porous rubber mat?
Our Mat Tape can be used on rubber mats.
Will this tape hold up to frequent exposure to water, e.g. hosing down the floor?
As long as the tape has adhered properly, you should be able to hose down your mats without the tape losing its grip. If water were to get under the tape, over time the tape will lose its grip.
I am wanting to put gym mats on the walls so we can be able to run into them while shooting. I am having a hard time finding something that will hold them but not ruin the walls. Would this product work on drywall without damaging it? We want to be able to take the mats off and on with no damage.
Mat tape would not usually damage paint or walls, however unpainted drywall is especially difficult to stick tape to because it is often dusty from construction. You would need to clean the surface thoroughly. It would also depend on the weight of the mat used.
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