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5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Are the tiles themselves 2'x2' or does that include the removable ends pieces in the 2'x2' measurement? Also, I was considering this for a home pilates studio. I don't mind if the tiles indent from the pilates reformer, however, will the forward and backward impact on the machine cause the tiles to rip?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are 2' x 2' with the removable edge pieces. With them removed the tiles are 23.38" x 23.38". These tiles can be used under a Pilates Reformer since the machine itself is stationary. The weight of the machine will create an indentation in the tiles. So if you were to move the machine you could move the tiles that were placed underneath it to hide the damaged tiles. If you are looking for a product that will hold up better to the weight of the machine, I would suggest using our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. This product gives you the look of wood with a durable vinyl top layer.
Are tiles fireproof if used in a kitchen?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are not fire proof, but they are fire resistant.
Can the rubber tiles be used on stairs?
Alice taylor
Our Premium Soft Wood tiles can be used on stairs. The veneer on these tiles may not stand up to the traffic that is found on stairs, but they can be installed on them. To install these tiles to stairs you will need to glue them with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Our 5000 series adhesive works well for this application.
Will high heels ruin this type of flooring? I'm looking for something durable to use in a photography studio.
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made of foam and can be damaged by high heels. If you are looking for a wood look floor that will give you some anti-fatigue properties and stand up to high heels, we recommend our Eco-Impact Roll - Wood Series or our Impact Rolls - Wood Series.
Can you apply these tiles over carpet or do you have to pull up the carpet before putting the tiles down.
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be placed over a commercial grade low pile carpet with ease. Over high pile carpet, there is a chance the tiles will separate creating a tripping hazard.
For the tiles, do i need to place a vapor barrier underneath them in cemented areas like a basement?
Flo Millier
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made with close celled EVA foam and would not need a vapor barrier placed underneath them. If you do have water issues, we do recommend sealing your floor first , which will help to reduce incidences of mold and mildew growth.
What do you do in a door frame, if no taper is available?
When you come to a door when installing our Premium Soft Wood Tiles, you can use any reducer between the tiles and the flooring it's coming to. We recommend using a standard flooring trim that matches the flooring you are coming to. We offer a wide range of standard flooring trims on our Trims and Moldings page.
Does your free shipping include zip code 96814, Honolulu, HI?
Compac Industries
We offer free shipping on our Premium Soft Wood Tiles and any other free shipping product only in the contiguous 48 states. If you are outside of that area, you will need to call, email, or chat with one of our Flooring Heroes for a shipping rate.
Sometimes my basement gets damp with summer humidity, will these tiles work for me? I have a concrete floor I would like to cover.
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made with a closed cell EVA foam making them resistant to mold, mildew, and water. So the moisture in your basement will not affect the tiles in any way.
Can you tape the tiles together so they don't separate as easily and if so what kind of tape would you recommend?
You can tape our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles. We recommend using our Mat Tape since it is less aggressive. You can use our Double-Sided tape to keep the tiles together and also in your desired installation area, but when removed, there is potential for damage to the tiles.
I've been looking for a flooring option for our basement and this product looks wonderful, but I need to know how well it holds up with wheelchair use. One of our children is a wheelchair user, would this flooring hold up against a child-weight wheelchair?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made of foam and will not hold up well to a wheel chair. We do offer several wood looking products that would hold up better. Our Eco-Impact Rolls - Wood Series and our Impact Rolls - Wood Series are both great alternatives to our Soft Wood Tiles due to their durability and ease of installation.
Do you have the option to have electrical channels and beveled edges?
We currently do not have any electrical channels or beveled edges for our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles.
Are all of the straight edge pieces included? Also, can these be put over carpet or does it have to be removed first?
Each Premium Soft Wood Tile comes with two removable edge pieces. These will allow you to create corner, border and center tiles. These soft tiles can be placed over commercial grade carpet with ease. If you have thick pile carpet, the tiles can be placed over it. But there is potential for the foam tiles to separate.
Wanted to know if the wood tiles are safe from animal claw puncturing?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles will get punctured by animal nails and claws.
What cleaning products can be used on the flooring?
pam kibler
To remove large dirt and debris, we recommend using a broom to remove it from our Premium Soft Wood Tiles. For stains and spills, we recommend using a rag or mop with a mild soap and water solution.
I'm putting these on hardwood floors, turning a dining room into a play room. What do I use for a transition piece into the kitchen/foyer so people don't trip. The 14mm was too high for the rubber transition piece you offer and I don't want a lot of additional expense. Thanks!
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles do not currently have a transition piece for them, but you can use any standard flooring trim piece to finish your floor.
How are the premium soft wood tiles cleaned?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be cleaned with a clean cloth or mop and mild soap and water solution. For large debris, we recommend using a broom.
How much weight can tile handle? Will it help with cold floor? I'm looking to put them on top of our ceramic tile floor and put TV stand and sofa on top of soft wood foam tile.
Todd wong
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made of foam, so any amount of weight will cause them to depress to varying degrees. Since these tiles are made with closed cell EVA foam, they will provide you with excellent insulating properties. For any heavy furniture, we recommend using Furniture Sliders underneath the furniture legs to prevent permanently damaging the floor.
Is a steam mop okay to use for cleaning? I am concerned about the temperature affecting the materials.
For our Premium Soft Wood Tiles, we recommend using a synthetic mop head with a mild soap and water solution. Using a steam mop may be ok, but there is always a concern that the print may be affected.
Can I install this on stairs?
Jenni Elia
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be installed on stairs.
I have an electric baseboard heater in my basement and looking forward to installing this flooring, is this a fire hazard near the heater? As the electric baseboard heater tends to get very hot, Thanks in advance
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are able to withstand temperatures as high as 140°F without melting or curling. So these tiles will work just fine installed next to your baseboard heater.
Does this 5/8" tile come with beveled edge. Can you get beveled edge?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles do not come with a beveled edge.
What the best way to cut the tiles? A straight edge and razor? Or table saw? A friend bought these and I'm going to help install them
The best way to cut our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. We do not recommend using a table saw due to the fact the tile will melt as the blade is cutting it.
Is there any way to remove or lighten up the scuff marks that have appeared after installation and cleaning?
We recommend using pledge to take out the scuff marks from our dark wood colored soft wood tiles. The floor may not look perfect depending on how the scuff mark was created, but it will look virtually like new after application.
How does it hold up dogs? I have 2 large Labs..
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles have been used in homes with dogs. Since these tiles do have a pattern film on top, dogs nails can scratch it over time.
Is the light oak textured like the onyx or smooth like the maple?
Our Light Oak Textured Premium Soft Wood Tiles are textured like our Onyx colored tiles. The only colors that are smooth are our Light Oak and Dark Oak tiles.
I'm looking for flooring for a kids yoga studio. Are the dark maple tiles slippery? The class is very active and we are often off of the yoga mats and running around on the floor. If they are slippery, is there another option you'd recommend?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be slippery if you are wearing socks on the tiles. With bare feet, these tiles are pretty slip-resistant. If a good deal of sweat and other liquids do get on the floor, then you may need to wipe it up before running around on the tiles to eliminate the slipping hazard.
What type of glue would be best to glue the foam tiles to the walls and ceiling of a fiberglass camper?
To glue our Premium Soft Wood Tiles to a wall or ceiling, we would recommend using our 5900 Series adhesive or any other pressure sensitive adhesive.
How do I order border to go with soft wood tiles?
Matt Tatom
Each tile in our Premium Soft Wood Tiles comes with an attached border piece. If you are looking for a beveled edge, we currently do not carry one for this tile.
Are these foam mats formidamide free?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are formamide free. They are tested regularly and if you would like a copy of our testing, you can reach out to one of Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email. These tiles are also phthalate free and are free of any allergens or hazardous material.
What is the warranty policy on the premium soft wood tiles?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles have a one-year manufacturers warranty. That means, that if there are any manufacturing defects that we will replace your flooring.
Is the tile appropriate for pivoting at a higher speed on with barefeet? With some foam tiles the barefoot sticks to it during a turn?
Alicia Fajardo
You can pivot barefoot on our Premium Soft Wood Tiles. The top on these tiles is just slick enough to create control slip which will help to make doing pivots easier.
I have purchased these foam tiles for my fitness studio, and I am very happy with them. As the temps change, I do feel cold coming from the cement floor through the tiles. It's not terrible. But I'm wondering if there's something I can put between the cement and the foam to keep the foam tiles warmer.
Julie Zoril
To prevent additional cold coming up under our Premium Soft Wood Tiles, we would recommend placing an underlay underneath the tiles. Our cork underlayments would provide you with the best temperature absorption.
Can heavy furniture like a bookshelf be placed on the Premium Soft Wood foam tiles?
Amy I Martin
You can place heavy furniture over our Premium Soft Wood tiles, but know that if you place the heavy furniture over the flooring that it will leave indentations in the flooring. To prevent this, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the furniture to prevent indentations.
I am looking for a flooring I can install easily over tile floor. This is for elderly parents that are prone to falling. They use walkers.
Since our Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made of foam they would be great for falls, but may not work well when a person is using a walker. We do have a product that would work perfect for both falls and also allowing a walker to be used, and that is our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. These rolls feature a vinyl top with a shock absorbent rubber bottom. These rolls will help to absorb the impact of the fall and will also allow for a walker or wheel chair to easily roll over the floor.
Do the tiles come with the edge pieces? I don't see where to order those on the website.
Each Premium Soft Wood Tile and all foam tiles come with two attached removable edge pieces. They are not sold separately and are provided for free. These edges are not beveled and allow you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile.
We have a hair salon that gets very noisy. Would this help with noise? Maybe if we put them on a wall behind the sinks?
mary Noeth
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood tiles would help to reduce the noise in a room where installed. Made with EVA foam, these tiles will not only provide you with comfort underfoot but will help reduce the amount of reverberation that can be generated in a space that has a lot of tile. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain and are easy to install and replace when damaged. The only issue that may pop up is when someone where's high heels on the floor. You will see some damage to the tiles when high wheels are worn across them.
Can any type of flooring be installed over foam tiles?
Brigitta Brady
You can install any floor over our Premium Soft Wood Tiles. These tiles are denser than standard carpet padding giving you a solid surface that is sturdy but also provides comfort underfoot. These tiles would be similar to a standard foam underlay.
We have a brand new wood floor and are looking to install the ⅝" Soft Wood Tiles on the wood floor to create a workout area in one of our spare bedrooms. Do you recommend an underlayment on top to protect the wood floor?
You would not need to place an underlayment or plastic sheet under our 5/8" Soft Wood Tiles to protect the wood flooring below. You can if you were deeply concerned that it could ruin your wood flooring, but it is not necessary. Now if you were dropping any heavy-weights, we would recommend placing a rubber mat over the foam tiles to protect your subfloor and the foam tiles properly.
Would these tiles be suitable for a home gym? I was considering these or the 8mm rubber tiles in your home gym category.
Patrick Middleton
We don't recommend using our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles in a gym setting as the tiles are made from foam and can be damaged easily. Also, the lamination on the top of the tiles is not the most durable, so there is a high potential for damage. We do recommend using our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles as flooring in gyms. This tile has been used in commercial and home gyms all over the country and is our most popular gym tile. If you still wanted that wood look, we would recommend purchasing our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. These are just as durable as our standard rubber tiles with a wood looking top.
We want the look of wood flooring and the functionality to support workouts such as P90X. Will this flooring be durable enough for that?
We don't recommend using our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles as flooring in a workout environment as the top layer of the tiles can separate or get damaged from the added impact. If you want to have the wood look, but want something that will be more durable, we recommend using our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. These rolls have a wood top layer over a rubber underlayment that will provide added shock absorption and comfort underfoot, making these great for P90X.
Is this tile waterproof? Can it be installed over cement or vinyl on cement?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are water-resistant and can be installed over a hard, flat surface like concrete, plywood, or even and existing floor like vinyl, tile, and more. These tiles are very easy to install and maintain and can be used as a mat in a room or as flooring for a room.
Will these soft wood tiles work for a shower floor?
We wouldn't recommend using our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles as a shower floor. Since these tiles are made from foam, they are not as durable as other shower floor products. Also, the top on these tiles can get pretty slick when wet, so it would be a slip hazard. If you are looking for products that would be great as shower flooring, we recommend checking out our Drainage Tiles page. Here you will find a number of products that are perfectly suited for this function.
I have a bedroom with fairly think carpet in it and would like to use this flooring to convert it into a gym (free weights and calisthenics). Is there anything I can do to limit the separation due to the current carpet, or would you recommend a different product?
To help mitigate the separation that can occur when installing our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles over carpet with a thick pad, we recommend placing plywood over the carpet. This will help to prevent the separation of the tiles and also allow you not to have to remove the carpet.
I would like to install it in my basement on a concrete floor that currently has a painted finish. Do you recommend an adhesive, double stick tape, or nothing in this type of install?
No glue or adhesive is needed to install our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles. These tiles are meant to be installed as a floating floor and interlock together.
Would these work well in a garage? I'm considering using them to cover the exposed concrete and make that space into something more usable. Thanks!
As long as you don't drive over our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles, you can definitely install these tiles in a garage to turn it into a man cave or another room in your home. They are very easy to clean and maintain and would be able to withstand the somewhat harsh environment in certain garages.
We are doing a combination exercise room - (exercise bike and total gym along with some 40 lb free weights, sauna) & sewing room. I want wood grain. I need to be able to roll an office chair on it. This is a large room and would need to be economical.
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made of foam and are not meant to be used in high traffic areas or in areas where the floor will be put under enormous stress like weight rooms and the like. We have had customers use our flooring in these situations, but they understood that the flooring may peel over time and that these tiles will indent under heavy furniture and equipment. To prevent this, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the furniture or equipment. Rolling chairs on this floor would not work super well. If you were to use one, you would need to get a chair mat. This will not only protect the tiles from damage but also allow the chair to roll properly across the floor.
How would these hold up in a small yoga studio?
Katie Bubny
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are the perfect flooring option for yoga studios, both large and small.
Has anyone had issues rolling up onto the surface? We were hoping the edges would be tapered.
Since our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made from foam, they are not designed for a wheelchair to be used on them. A wheelchair will roll over them, but the weight of the wheelchair and the movement of the wheels could cause damage to the tiles over time. We would recommend placing a clear vinyl chair pad or runner over the tiles where the wheelchair would be used to protect them.
Can these tiles withstand heat? I’m building a yoga studio, and we will have hot yoga classes. I want to make sure the floor wouldn’t melt from a 95-degree humid room.
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be used as flooring in a hot yoga studio. These tiles can expand and contract quite a bit with extreme temperature change, so we would recommend placing a 5/8" gap around the floor to allow for the tiles to expand and contract with the temperature changes properly.
I live in an apartment with semi-plush carpeting I am not permitted to remove. I want to use your oak look-alike squares to create a floating floor. If I put a plywood underlayment down, on top of the carpet, and then install the interlocking tiles on top of it, will this work? What do I need to purchase to get this achieved successfully?
Mary Harrill
If you place a plywood board over the plush carpet, you can for sure install our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles without issue. We recommend using 1/4" thick board for this.
Can these tiles be used outside on a deck or a boat floor?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are made with foam and are not the most impervious to the elements, but they can be used outdoors on a deck or as a boat floor. On a boat, since these tiles have a laminate top, the flooring may become a slick when wet. We would recommend making sure that any water that gets on the flooring is cleaned up quickly. Since these tiles weren't meant to handle the elements, they may not last very long in an outdoor setting. Since these foam tiles are installed as a floating floor, they are very easy to install and replace, so we would suggest ordering more than is needed for a little back stock for replacements.
I like the look and feel of these premium soft wood tiles, but their main problem is the fragility of the laminate. I saw one comment on another website that said maybe some sort of sealer would help with that. Could you recommend any type of floor sealer or floor wax or whatever that might help keep the laminate from bubbling and peeling? And would not damage the laminate? Thanks!
The only colors that have the potential to peel are our Light Oak and Dark Oak colors. The other colors laminate layer is baked into the tiles. You could add a sealer to the top of our Premium Soft Wood Tiles to prevent this. Our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer is a wax-based sealer and would be safe to use on these two colors to prevent them from peeling.
We would like to put these in our basement where we have a bar. Would these tiles be suitable for a basement bar where we host parties every so often? How slippery do they get with little liquid?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles could be used as flooring in a basement bar. These tiles are very easy to clean and are non-porous, meaning you won't have any liquids getting in the floor. You would need to ensure that nothing sharp or heavy gets on the floor as the flooring can become damaged. We recommend no heels on the flooring and no heavy furniture unless the furniture sits on furniture sliders.
Can it be used in bathrooms? If so do you have a video?
Technically you can use our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles in a bathroom as a mat, but we wouldn't recommend it. These tiles are non-porous and are mold and mildew resistant, so from a health standpoint, they are great. Since these tiles feature a laminate top, they can be very slick when wet and would be a slip-hazard when installed in areas where a lot of water will be present. If you want to have a wood looking product that has some give to it, we would recommend installing our Impact Rolls - Wood Series in your bathroom.
How thick they are?
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles are approximately 5/8" or 14mm thick.
I am opening a hot yoga studio and I am looking for flooring to put on top of the cement slab. Temperatures will be between 90 to 100°F with humidity. People will obviously be sweating throughout these classes. Wondering if the soft foam as a good fit in that environment.
Our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles have been used in all types of yoga studios. Since they are made with foam, they are a great flooring choice for this environment. However, in hot yoga studios, they may not be the best choice. These tiles feature a laminate top that can become slick when wet. So in this environment, they can become a slip hazard. We do offer a floor that would work perfectly in this environment. This product is called our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. This rubber roll features a wood grain vinyl top. This vinyl top when wet would be more slip-resistant while offering all the great benefits of our Soft Wood Tiles. You can find this product on our High Impact Flooring Page.
Can these be installed over a wood attic floor? What issues might there be? Should we worry about moisture getting trapped between the tile and the floor?
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles can be used as flooring over a wood attic floor. There would be no issues associated with placing these tiles in this area.
I’m trying to make a backyard 12’ x 24’ area into a roller-skating area for dance skating. Can I use this over plywood or without? I don’t want to match the roller rink flooring but want similar. Currently, I’m skating on my engineered hardwood flooring.
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles would not be good as flooring for skating. These tiles are made of foam and would be destroyed quickly. We do have products that would work for this application. A few products that would be good for this are our Impact Rolls - Wood Series, our Modular Grid-Loc Tiles, and our Practice Dance Tiles, to name a few.
Is the surface of your soft wood tiles slippery? I want to cover my hardwood floor to prevent my dog from slipping and injuring himself.
Our Premium Soft Wood Tiles compared to hardwood flooring are pretty slip-resistant. The only times these tiles would be a little slick is when wet. Our Soft Wood Tiles are one of the most popular go-to floors for pets with disabilities or challenges with aging. Since they are made of foam, they are easier on the joints for the pet to walk on, helping to prevent falls. The only thing you may notice is that the pet's nails may mark up the floor.
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