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7/8" Judo Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
7/8" Judo Mats
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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What is the warranty on the foam tiles? I plan to use these over carpet under heavy gym equipment. I'm concerned about color transfer . Please advise. Thank you
Our Jumbo Soft Tiles do not come with a warranty due to them being made of foam. Depending on the carpet they are going over, there is a potential for some color transfer. This would be an issue with a white carpet or very light carpet. If you do have a light colored carpet you can put a plastic sheet under the tiles to prevent any color transfer. Since these tiles are made of foam, they will indent under the weight of the heavy gym equipment. If that is an issue, we do have rubber tiles that are better able to handler the weight of heavy gym equipment. Our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles and our 3/8" Sport-Lock Tiles are great alternative products for your installation.
These look like they might work as a mat for outside our camper. Do you think that woud be appropriate?
Dana S Peake
Our 7/8" Jumbo Soft Tiles have and can be used as a mat outside your camper. They are very easy to clean and maintain and are very easy to install, pick-up, and store.
Reading about these tiles and the Tatami tiles. Some reviewers on the Tatami tiles state they can be slippery. I was wondering if these tiles have any slipperiness issues? Or is it because of the texture of the Tatami tiles that gives them there slipperiness.
Our Jumbo Soft tiles and all of our foam tiles can be slippery underfoot. If you wear socks, there is always a potential for you to slip. Also, there is a film that is added to the tiles during production that can also make the tiles slippery. The best remedy for the slipping that can occur is to wear grippy bottom socks.
The area where I want to put these has odd dimensions. Could I cut these to fit the space without causing too much damage to the tiles?
You can cut our Jumbo Soft Tiles with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge without damaging the tiles.
I want to put these in the garage for my granddaughter's workout, can it be taken up and put down after each use, or if once you put down it has to stay, or it's not good to take up after each use?
Barbara Taylor
Our Jumbo Soft Tiles were designed to be floating floor and can be easily installed and removed as many times as you like. These tiles are very easy to clean and maintain and are mold and mildew resistance
Do these have a fall safety rating. Example fall height safety rating of 4 ft etc.
Janet Rashell
Our 7/8" Judo Mats and any of our foam tiles do not have a fall height rating. If you are looking for fall height rated flooring, we do have a wide range of Playgroung Flooring that is fall height rated.
What is the difference between these Judo tiles and the Tatami tiles?
The difference between the Judo Mats and the Tatami Tiles is the surface. The Tatami Tiles have a tatami texture on the surface, whereas the Judo Mats have a lattice type texture on top.
Do I need to order the pieces to finish the corners and sides?
All Judo Mats come with two edge pieces that form a corner. You will be able to move the edge pieces to whatever side you wish to create a complete mat with clean edges and corners.
Can these put over a heated concrete floor?
Our 7/8" Judo Mats can be used on top of radiant heated floors.
Between the judo and tatami tiles, which has better grip?
The two different mats, Judo mats and Tatami mats, both have very good grip. The difference would be mostly aesthetic between the traditional Tatami-style surface or a more modern textured top.
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