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Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats
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$519.59 each
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Do you wrestling mats meet or exceed STM F1081 wrestling mat impact standard in accordance with ASTM F355 "Test Method for Shock Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials?
Our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats do meet and exceed both standards.
Where are your mats made? Where is the foam made?
Our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats are made from Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a 24 oz. vinyl top.
Do you need tape or connect them, or does it have an automatic connection?
To connect the multiple mats in our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats, you will need to use mat tape. They do not automatically connect.
Do you get both pieces you see in the picture?
Will Harris
Yes, our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats come in multi-piece mat sets. The 10' x 10' mat and the 12' x 12' mat contain two mats whereas the 18' x 18' mat contains three mats.
Can you make an 8’x12’ wrestling mat?
You can create a custom wrestling mat, but the width of our wrestling mats are 6' wide for custom mats. You can create a custom mat on our Home Wrestling Mats - Custom Cut page.
Once the mats are taped together can you roll them up and then back out as needed?
You would be able to tape and roll up the Deluxe Home Wrestling mats, however transporting them as two connected rolls could cause the tape to come off. If you are only rolling them up to the side of the room and then back out when needed then it would be easy to leave them taped together.
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