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3/4" Premium HD Soft Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
3/4" Premium HD Soft Tiles
Our Sale Price
$10.60 Tile
reg: $3.53 sqft
tile $14.13
Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am looking for a flooring solution for my home gym I want something astatically pleasing but that I can put a treadmill on and do weight training/cross fit style training. Suggestions on a product that would fit this
Our Premium HD Soft Tiles are a high density foam tile that can handle a treadmill on of it. These tiles are also absorbent enough to handle weight training and cross fit style training as well. Since these tiles are made of foam, there is potential for the tiles to become indented due to the weight of the treadmill. Also with these being tiles, some exercises could cause the tiles to separate which can cause a trip hazard. The best products that we have for what you are looking for would be our rubber products. Our 8mm Strong Rubber Rolls and our 3/8" Heavy Duty Rubber Rolls would be able to handle the treadmills weight with ease and are also better able to handle most cross fit and weight training exercises.
Your Premium Soft Tiles suggest they can be used for garage gyms, does this assume cars are parked on them in the garage as well?
Our Premium HD Soft Tiles are made out of foam, so we do not suggest driving over them or parking on them.
Are these tiles able to be cut with a utility knife (or similar) fairly easily?
Our 3/4" Premium HD Soft Tiles can be cut with a sharp utility knife. They are made of high-density foam, so a few cuts may need to be had to cut through them, but these tiles do cut fairly easily.
Hi - are these formaldehyde and toxin free?? Do you test for formaldehyde?
Shalah Velez
Formaldehyde is not used in the making of foam tiles. Formamide is, and we test to make sure it is not used in the making of our foam tiles. All of our tiles are tested for this chemical and are free of any formamide use. You can get a copy of this testing on our site when you click the 'Kid Safe' icon.
Does this tile have a smell? Like a VOC smell? I figure the rubber mats you have a smell, but foam might be different? Please let me know.
Our 3/4" Premium HD Soft Tiles don't have much of a smell to them at all. If you are sensitive to smells, our foam tiles are one of our safest bets for not affecting you. If for some reason, you are very sensitive to smells, you can always mop our flooring with a mild soap and water solution.
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