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5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles Reviews

5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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  just what was needed
Installed in covered patio
Josi Morales Designs from New York, NY wrote...
Excellent customer service, easy to install and excellent quality. I installed it my self for my client - the corners were tricky but otherwise love the product and I will be a repeat spender on this product for future clients
Customer review image of  in Office
Customer review image of  in Office
Customer review image of  in Office
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  5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles
Self-installed in Office
Mr. G from Southfield MI wrote...
I installed the carpet for the first half of my office in about 90 minutes, can't wait to do the other half. Total area to cover is 500 square foot, it is just looking great, all the customer are asking, where can I get that tile. It was super easy to install, anyone can do it, even you. Have pictures to prove it.
Customer review image of  in Basement around pool table
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  Around the pool table
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement around pool table
Joe B. from Birmingham, AL wrote...
Use navy blue 5/8″ Premium Soft Carpet Tiles for three wide area around the pool table. The carpet squares went down very easy and held securely. The quality is very good I expect the carpet to last many years. Having the carpet is so much better then shooting pool from the cold concert basement floor.
  Basement Application of 5/8" Soft Carpet Tile
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from michigan wrote...
I installed 500 sq ft of carpet tiles in my L-shaped basement in about 8 hours. I selected waterproof carpet tiles because I was concerned about possible moisture or mold in the house I had just purchased. I wanted to be able to remove sections of carpet in case of moisture, stains, wear,mold, etc. The carpet arrived in good condition, was easily cut with a sharp matt knife and square. I spent significant time planning the layout to avoid wastage and small pieces. I tested samples of the carpet against full strength bleach, and against insect prevention chemicals in case I used either in the future. I also tested the samples for water absorption. All tests were good. The carpet does tend to leave ″dents″ under heavy objects so I place protection under the furniture legs. Follow the arrows on the bottomside. Some carpet tiles are slightly different shade. The fit of the tile is excellent, so seams are not noticeable. Great for basement.
Customer review image of  in Studio apartment
Customer review image of  in Studio apartment
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  Great dog highway
Self-installed in Studio apartment
Lior Galanti from New York, NY wrote...
Our dog is pretty old and his legs don't work very well anymore so he keeps slipping on hardwood floors. We wanted something that can just form a long runner along the house so he can walk comfortably while at the same time be easy to clean when the occasionally pet accident occurs. Those tiles fit the bill perfectly and look awesome! Getting 2 spares makes dealing with accidents easy since the solid tile can be swapped with a spare and washed. They also double as a scratch pad for the cats instead of the scratch posts and save some floor space in our tiny Manhattan apartment.
Customer review image of  in Art Show
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  art show floor
Self-installed in Art Show
Craig from Franklinton NC wrote...
I am an an artist and was looking to upgrade the flooring I use at shows. After looking at several samples from other companies, I chose Rubber Flooring Inc because of the quality of the squares when the went together. When these squares are together you can't see the seam. The other brands had sloppy joints making it obvious the floor was puzzle pieces.
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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  Lovin it??
Installed in Home gym
Jenn from Manahawkin, NJ wrote...
Beyond impressed with the product. From the beginning of the ordering process to delivery and installation it was all seamless. We are so delighted with our new gym floor. I would highly recommend it...I wish I could attach a photo for you...
  Delivers on the promise!
Self-installed in Office
Anonymous from NYC wrote...
This stuff is super soft and super easy to put together. Exactly what I was looking for!
  premium soft carpet tiles
Self-installed in trade show floor
Anonymous from Charleston, SC wrote...
These carpet tiles were amazing! We purchased them instead of renting the carpet from the trade show company. It was so much nicer and had great cushion! I would highly recommend.
  Goes together with easy but color is not the same
Self-installed in Trade show floor
Melissa from Gilroy, CA wrote...
We ordered this for our booth at a trade show. Wow, our feet were very happy with these carpet tiles. All of our customers appreciated the foam padding. Only issue we had was that the color was not the same through out. We ordered navy and had about 3 different shades of navy. It looked a little funny, we just tried to mixed it up as much as possible so it would not be as noticeable.
  Easy to use. Looks great
Self-installed in Utility room
Anonymous from Chicago IL wrote...
I put these in my utility room and it makes the floors so much warmer in the winter. There is a color change when looking at it from different angles. Be sure to stand and look across the floor prior to putting furniture back in place. Super easy to use and they can be cut to make a wall to wall fit
  great carpet
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Southern Indiana wrote...
It was very easy to order and install. We are very pleased with our purchase. It seems to warm up our basement floor.
Self-installed in Bedroom turned exercise room.
Anonymous from Arkansas wrote...
My intent was to lay down enough carpet tiles necessary for an exercise area. It looked so good installed and was so easy to install that I ordered enough to finish the entire room. When my son saw it during a visit, he thought it was carpeting because it appeared to be seamless. Great product, I do recommend it.
  easy to install & cleans up great with vacuum
Self-installed in Basement
Pat from San Francisco wrote...
Love the product, it made a great yoga studio in our basement. Helps so much during these lockdown days. What should I do though with all of the extra small end pieces. Can I send them back, hate to just throw them away.
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Easy to install - looks great
Self-installed in Basement
Cheryl from Somerset, NJ wrote...
After having regular carpeting flood multiple times in the basement, we were concerned about the potential of mold in the padding or carpet. We chose this product to have the look/feel of a fully carpeted floor with the option to easily take it up, dry it out and put back down if needed. Was curious if we would see ″the puzzle piece″ shapes, but once it is in you can't see where they connect at all. We installed the carpet for a very irregularly shaped basement in about 3 hours using a utility knife, straight edge & scissors for odd shapes & corners. While we haven't had to test it getting wet yet, looks great and perfect for the basement.
Customer review image of  in Gold Simulator
Customer review image of  in Gold Simulator
Customer review image of  in Gold Simulator
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Self-installed in Gold Simulator
Brian K. from Harbor Springs, MI wrote...
I bought the carpet foam tile for my in home golf simulator and absolutely love it. It was very easy to install and looks awesome
  Perfect for our 10x10 booth
Self-installed in Trade show booth
Amy Williams from TX wrote...
This product was perfect for our booth, very easy to transport, and looked like real carpet (you could not see the connections). Delivered quickly and matched the colored sample we received before ordering.
  Perfect for trade show
Installed in Trade show booths
Ann from Winston-Salem, NC wrote...
The carpet squares are good looking, durable and easy to put down and arrange around large heavy machinery on the trade show booth floor. We've been using this product for years and nothing else works as well for our application.
  Easy And Cushiony
Self-installed in Walking closet above an uninsulated garage
Ginger from Minneapolis, MN wrote...
It was easy to lay and extremely comfortable! The product interlocks together but the seams are not noticable. It does shed if you need to cut to fit. I'm very happy with the purchase and best of all, it helps to keep the cold out from the uninsulated garage below.
Customer review image of  in basement
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  Carpet tiles for basement
Installed in basement
Henry Chiavaroli from Webster,NY wrote...
Great product and customer service.
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