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5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles Reviews

5/8" Diamond Soft Tiles
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Average Rating 4.8/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Shed
Customer review image of  in Shed
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  Shed Flooring
Self-installed in Shed
Joseph M. from Sunnyside, WA wrote...
Shed Flooring
Customer review image of  in back porch
Customer review image of  in back porch
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  Perfect flooring for screened in porch
Self-installed in back porch
John S. from Canal Winchester, OH wrote...
This is exactly what we needed to cover the stained concrete on our screened in back porch. I installed it myself, and it was a breeze. We had a minor issue with the delivery, but Alyssa in Customer Service was super helpful and courteous, and quick with a resolution. I'd definitely recommend this product.
  Very Happy
Self-installed in Basement/Home Gym
Anonymous from Baltimore, MD wrote...
Love the tiles. They have completely changed how I work out in my basement and I haven't missed a workout in six weeks, since installing them.
  LIghtweight, non-toxic, excellent tiles
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Stamford, CT wrote...
The only tiles I've found that are almost odorless right out of the box and have no adverse effects on my chemically sensitive system. They're lightweight and just the right texture: firm enough so you don't sink in, soft enough to really cushion your step and protect your knees and hips. Terrific product!
  Even better than we expected
Self-installed in family room
Anonymous from Jeffersonville, IN wrote...
Our aging Golden Retriever has been having trouble getting up on his feet on the hardwood floor for a little while, so we decided to give these tiles a try. We started with 10 just to test them for function and durability. After the initial month, we are ordering more to finish out the room. With two dogs using them a lot, there are no visible nail marks, and they've stayed together at the connection points with no problem. We ordered samples of this style and the regular rubber tiles and decided the upgrade was worth it for the added durability and texture.
  Perfect gym tiles for the basement
Self-installed in Basement gym
Anonymous from North NJ wrote...
I ordered about 10sq feet of tile and it arrived as quickly as I expected. It was very easy to assemble. I'm using it as my basement gym flooring. I actually ordered more to increase the surface area since it was so nice. I'd say there is an ever so slight variation in color (grey), but nothing extremely noticeable. The tile insulates the cold from the concrete. It's thick enough to absorb working out barefoot and jumping. I've also dropped 15lb dumbbells around waist height (as a test) and no damage to the tile.... just bounced off. I also chose these tiles as the finished edges were included. It gives a nice clean look as I didn't cover every square inch of my basement. I would definitely buy from RFI again.
Self-installed in Basement bedroom
Anonymous from Midwest wrote...
We purchased this flooring for our 8 year old sons bedroom. It has worked out beautifully and he absolutely loves it! Our son is an active guy and this flooring is holding up well. We did put down frisbees under his bedposts, dresser and a few other heavy items in his room to prevent permanent markings on the floor. Our sons room is in the basement and we did not put a barrier down between the floor and foam tiles and it stays at a super comfy temperature! :) Very pleased with our decision to go with the thicker foam tiles and super easy to install!! Thank you!!!
  Accept No Cheap Substitutes!
Self-installed in Garage
J.R. from University Place, WA wrote...
I installed my tiles as a walkway around the edge of my garage almost four years ago. They have held up extremely well and are very durable. More importantly, I have bought three different packages on two different occasions and found that they were all consistent in size, fit and color. Because of that, I went back to my local hardware store recently (they shall remain nameless) to purchase some more for another project and found they no longer have them in stock and offer another brand. Trust me when I say do not accept any cheap substitutes. These tiles are the best on the market.
  Rubber mats just what we needed
Self-installed in Art studio
Corinne Marlowe from Lost City WV wrote...
Easy to install, fit perfectly, and a great price!
  A Must-Have for Working Out at Home
Self-installed in basement
Leslie W. from 60914 wrote...
These tiles are amazing! They arrived quickly. They were incredibly easy to install, are very versatile, and can be re-positioned quickly and easily. My husband and I do all of our workouts at home now, including cardio, and these floor tiles are joint and feet savers! We were starting to have some pain after jumping around on our basement's concrete floor for five months! These alleviated all of our problems.
Customer review image of  in Home
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  Perfect for my space
Self-installed in Home
Peter from Orange County, New York wrote...
It’s perfect flooring. Like being in the gym, but in my house.
  What an improvement!
Self-installed in Basement
Jane H. from Indianapolis, IN wrote...
I’ve been fixing up my basement. The floors are all scraped up. I placed the rubber flooring down and it has improved the space. So easy to install.
  Very easy to install
Self-installed in Basement Gym
Paul from New York wrote...
Very easy to install and final look is impressive. Really makes the room look professionally installed without a professional price tag. When I received the tiles I initially started the project thinking “let me lay down a few tiles just to see how they look and we will install tomorrow “. Needless to say, under an hour later even with cutting the tiles to fit, we were done.
  Easy to install!!!!
Self-installed in Garage
Scott from Boca Raton, Florida wrote...
Love this flooring. It exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!
  Easy and fast to install, looks great
Self-installed in Early May 2020
Daniel R. Gore from Leonardtown, MD wrote...
Great for easy basement flooring. Easy to install. Easy on the body. Good to exercise on.
  Just what I needed
Self-installed in garage
Dawn from 07052 wrote...
Decent thickness and durability for the price. Used to put under a piece of gym equipment in the garage and the other half used for floor work. Would use this product if I were to build a gym in my next residence. Easy and fun to put down and put the puzzle pieces together.
  Very Good Matt
Self-installed in Office
RandyW from Sacramento wrote...
I bought enough for a 12x12 ft mini gym and I’ve been very happy with it. Sturdy enough to do HITT workouts including planks etc, not quite enough padding to do BJJ rolling for very long. I don’t put heavy weights on the pad but a 20lbs dumbbell seems fine,
  Perfect padding for small wood dance floor
Anonymous from Ft. Worth,Tx wrote...
I used these to protect my stained concrete flooring under a 4’x5’ wood tile dance floor. They are a good cushion of protection and did not allow the dance floor to slide while dancing on.
  Súper easy to install and looks great
Self-installed in Garage
CiM from Texas wrote...
We bought this for our garage gym, and it was a breeze to install, and now we are actually working out daily. Granted we don’t use any weights or anything heavy bc it would probably dent the foam, but other than that, it’s great!
  Just what I needed.
Self-installed in Rec room
check in SR from Bend Oregon wrote...
I just put down new laminate flooring and needed a spot for my workout bench and all in one weight set. The 5/8 diamond soft tiles are perfect. They are super easy to set up and look great. I’m going to order more tiles to incorporate a stretching area.
results 1-20 of 120
1 2 3 … 7