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Large Foam ABC-123 Mat Reviews

Large Foam ABC-123 Mat
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  Pretty but rough
Self-installed in home
EJ from Portland, OR wrote...
I didn't realize the texture of the mat would be so rough. We've had to put several blankets to cover the 9x10 ft mat. The baby's knees were getting red from crawling on it. Otherwise the puzzle pieces fit well and the colors are nice.
Customer review image of  in Playroom
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  Amazing playroom
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Tracy Coyle from Chalfont, PA wrote...
We recently moved, and we found that our playroom was much bigger in our new house, needing more of these tiles. We’ve had our first sets for years, and they’ve been amazing for all ages. We added more to it, and it didn’t disappoint. We ended up making a family alphabet and counting game out of putting them together. My four year old thinks she put together the floor, and I think it’s perfection!!
  Best Purchase Ever
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Amendoza from 60156 wrote...
I love this mat, I love that you the curved edges on them it makes the kids room come together. I had to set up a temporary daycare room due to the COVID-19. My husband and I starting foster a baby and the daycare where my daughter works at and they watch the baby at closed. So this was perfect for that room. Thank you so much for the quick delivery as well.
  Great product
Self-installed in A month ago
Sihem B from Leesburg, Virginia wrote...
I like it, very good quality.
Self-installed in Play room
Anonymous from Michigan wrote...
Product is great! Fits the whole room. Easy to install! baby loves walking on it! & it gives me a little piece of mind Incase he was to fall he has a little bit of cushion instead of the wood floor!
Customer review image of  in Playroom
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  Perfect for playroom!
Self-installed in Playroom
Amy Jensen from Waterloo, IA wrote...
I have two large foam ABC-123 mats for our kids playroom. I ordered them two years apart as we moved to a larger home and the product is identical, you would never know the age difference. Super fast delivery and the mat is really easy to put together. The mat is soft enough for my tumbling four year old and my not so sturdy 7 month old!
  Great purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Danny from Aspen CO wrote...
I bought this for my 3-year-old grandson. He loved it. We took it apart and redid it over and over. It is of amazing quality a great value!!
  Love it
Installed in playroom
Anonymous from Phoenix, Az wrote...
I purchased this for my Grandson for Christmas, although I haven't seen it in person (only on face time) he and his parents love it! It looks very nice and colorful.
  Great Purchase
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playroom
Anonymous from Saint Louis, MO wrote...
This was a great purchase and a great price. The item arrived on time, no damage and was exactly what we wanted. The tiles are sturdy, snap together well and the letters fit snug. Highly recommend.
  Very very pleased!!!
Anonymous from Texas wrote...
We are so happy with our tiles!! They are large and give us a huge play area for our 7 month old!! We have two dogs and they hold up very well with them walking all over it. Very easy to put together.
  Love it
Anonymous from Minnesota wrote...
Love the ABC&123 foam tiles. It's great for my son's room. Liked the fact it came in a re-usable plastic bag for storage.
Customer review image of  in Formal living room
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  Niko's wonderland
Self-installed in Formal living room
Patty stano from Beverly Hills, ca wrote...
I recently was in the market for foam tiles. Searched all over Internet to find a product that was kids friendly. Came across yours and the rating was what I was looking for. So I ordered, my first shipment was not enough so had to order again. Called and spoke to a rep, and he gave me a better price for ordering so many. I transformed my nieces Fornal Living room into a wonderful playroom for there 2 little boys. Posted it on my Instagram page and also Facebook, my niece Jennifer Stano David has over 700k followers and I have over 6000. Needles to say we got a lot of feedback and I'm sure you got a lot of orders. So thank you For making this amazing product . You can look up on Instagram the pictures Theauntpattystano JenniferStano On facebook: pattystanomitchell Thank you again.
  Great purchase
Self-installed in Baby room
Anonymous from Louisiana wrote...
We have tile floor in the house and with a 7 months try trying to crawl everywhere we needed a soft area. This works great! He can play on it, and fall down on it without getting hurt. It is also really easy to clean. I would certainly recommend!
  exactly what I needed for by 10 month old
Self-installed in living room
Anonymous from irvine, ca wrote...
the tiles were great - large and covered an entire room! exactly what I was looking for, for my 10 month old daughter. She has a great play area now in our house!
  play mat
Self-installed in Playroom
Jen from Cypress, Texas wrote...
The ABC flooring fits perfectly and is wonderful in the playroom.
Customer review image of  in Unfinished basement
Customer review image of  in Unfinished basement
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  So impressed I purchased another one!
Self-installed in Unfinished basement
Karissa from Omaha, NE wrote...
I recently purchased the large ABC foam mat and was so impressed with the product quality and customer service that I purchased a second one! I was originally going to do large area rugs and I am so glad that I purchased these mats. My one year old LOVES playing on them! Very comfortable (safe) and FUN! I am making a little playroom in our unfinished basement and these are perfect for safe play. I could not be more pleased with the quality and would highly recommend these.
  Good for play area
Self-installed in Baby playroom
Anonymous from New Mexico wrote...
This really turned out great as a soft floor for my twins to have in their playroom. I just wish the letters/numbers were painted on instead of pop outs. My husband and I are constantly pushing them down. Other than that it was a great purchase!
  Awesome Flooring for Baby Room!
Self-installed in Baby's Room
Anonymous from Fredericksburg, VA wrote...
I purchased this flooring because our baby's room has large ceramic tile flooring and I was afraid of bumps and bruises once she started to crawl. I could not be happier with this product. It looks awesome (so bright and colorful) and provides the cushion I wanted to keep our baby safe!
  wonderful product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in baby's room and family room.
Anonymous from Salem, OR wrote...
I read many of the reviews before purchasing this foam mat. It is excellent. My six month old grandson is just learning to crawl and just loves the feel of yhe foam. I know this is a good investment for now and the future. Thanks.
  So great we bought two but it smells for the first
Self-installed in Home breakfast nook
ESD from Clarksville, MD wrote...
We really like this mat and so does our 8 month old son. I think he likes the texture of it too because he sits there and rubs his feet back and forth and makes noise. It smelled for the first two days but anything new will smell so we didn't mind so much. We just cleaned it and let it air out before the baby played on it. We liked it so much we bought two large ones and now the baby has taken over the whole breakfast nook haha
results 1-20 of 58
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