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1/2" Designer Soft Tiles Reviews

1/2" Designer Soft Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Great flooring, great prices : )
Self-installed in Daycare room
from Richland, WA wrote...
I own a daycare and the flooring I bought is amazing. The price was very affordable too.
Not Practical
Self-installed in Nursery
from Harrisburg, PA wrote...
The tiles were beautiful, easy to install and felt great. They would have been fabulous if they were cordoned off with a rope. Unfortunately, I had to use mine. They were used as flooring in a mosque nursery where shoes were not permitted. They are incredibly soft and delicate, chairs and table legs, even those that are padded, leave permanent indentations and marks. Cleaning is also a problem. They have a porous texture that somehow allows dirt to penetrate but not to be removed. As much as I love the look and feel of the flooring, I would not recommend them for anything other than extremely (impossibly) light use. We have only had them for two weeks, they have only been used 6 times for 1hr durations and look really worn. The Rubber Flooring Inc, however, I am very happy with. Delivery and customer service and value for money are all excellent, I just wish I had gone with a different product.
Perfect playroom flooring for our one-year old!!!!
Self-installed in Enclosed basement and Nursery
from Maryland wrote...
We saw the stuff they sell for kids in stores but nothing of this quality or quantity. We rent a 9-year old, three-level townhouse with a finished basement. Unfortunately, it is the original carpeting which is gross. We made it a point to find tiles to cover up the carpet in the basement and become our one-year olds playroom. Boy did we hit the jackpot!! We ordered samples so we could see for ourselves the color and quality. As soon as we received the samples we were sold! The product is definitely of high quality and when you open up the packaging it doesn't have that strong rubber or factory smell. The color options are playroom friendly and it was easy to put together as we wanted to alternate the colors to make it look more like a little boys play area and not a dungeon with soft flooring. The tiles are easy to clean and kept us at ease when our little one was first starting to walk, the perfect cushioning for his frequent falls and a bonus that it's "Kid Safe - allergen-free". Our basement is not perfectly squared so we were left with some extra tiles that fit perfectly on the yucky carpet in his nursery. Mahalo nui loa ~ Thank you very much Rubber Flooring, Inc. for providing such awesome floor tiles for our families needs!!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
play room
Self-installed in childs play room
from thornville, ohio wrote...
the only problem with the tiles is they do not match up to the 1/2inch ABC-123 tiles I bought. they are slightly taller and do not inner lock. we used them to border the large ABC-123 mat and had to cut them with a razor knife to make them fit. there also needs to be a how to care for instruction sheet for cleaning and sanitizing.
Good Product
Self-installed in Home
from Jersey City, NJ wrote...
Easy to install, and feels very comfortable when stepping on it
Rubber flooring
Self-installed in Laundry room
from Brook Park, Ohio wrote...
Looks great on my basement floor between the family and the laundry room. My wife loves it and wants to do the the hole basement. Mike & De
Superb Tiles for Children's Group!
Installed in Church basement
from Waldoboro ME wrote...
Our church bought these tiles for use by a children's group that meets in the church. They are thrilled! The tiles are easy to put together, easy to wash, durable and soft and colorful. It is a wonderful addition to the playgroup and provides a nice area for small children, where there is a hard concrete floor. They can pick up the tiles and put them away and keep them clean during the week. Great product!
Great for my lil one
Self-installed in Baby play room
from Boca Raton , FL wrote...
It is very good for my lil one. Nice texture, soft enough for baby play room and easy to clean. Love it!!
good quality
Self-installed in livingroom for kids
from New Jersey wrote...
we purchased the two sides mat for our daughter as playmat in our living room. We were playing with the colors and picked grey yellow pink and blue as the four tone and mixed and matched. The turnout is beautiful. Although the only thing Inwant to mention is the yellow is quite light colored and kind of easy to look messy. The cleaning is OK, using vacuum on the playmat is a little tricky. you can only go in one direction. Overall it's a good buy and I will recommend it to my friends.
Self-installed in kitchen
from Cincinnati,OH wrote...
These foam tiles are great. I like the two-tone colors, the reversibility of the tiles and the ability to quickly clean or replace a section. I also like the comfort and feel of the titles which allow my family the ability to walk in comfort on the coming cold floor days. All-in all the product was good and I loved being able to mix and match reversible tiles to great ‘my’ preferred design. My only hesitation to purchase again would be the unprofessional condition of the packing of the tiles received. Yes, I understand that I purchased different amounts of several reversible colors, but might there be a way to temporarily rebind these tiles within the shipping box so they would not be loose some even out of any packaging. Also, the shipping box was not seal securely so on delivery the box was torn, battered, not taped to seal and had me wondering whether I even had the 15 titles I ordered. A snip of one piece of tape and the titles fell out and (thankfully) were ok. An unsightly mess on my work office floor.
Was so nice I bought it twice!
Self-installed in Living Room
from Miami, Florida wrote...
With a 6-month old at home, we needed something to cover the cold tiles. These foam times were the answer. They're exactly what we needed. Now the baby plays on top of them and I don't worry about him hitting his head on the floor. And I was so happy with my purchase, I ended up buy 6 more.
Great product
Self-installed in Basement
from Ohio wrote...
We used this in our basement for a playroom floor. It was easy to work with and is soft for the kids to play on.
Perfect for our need.
Self-installed in Sun room.
from Vancleave, MS wrote...
Tiles were perfect for our grandchildrens playroom. Easy to install and to trim to fit. We have wall to floor coverage and peace of mind as our ten month old learns to walk.
match the tiles
Self-installed in classroom
from Chicago, Ill wrote...
I purchase my first set of tiles for music class in 2012 and loved them. I purchased 15 more of the same due to class increase and the tiles were bulging a bit and didn't quite fit together...over the weeks it is settling in a bit and a little less lumpy..I think the die cut should remain constant in case it is necessary to purchase additional tiles in future years to add to an existing floor. I have to disassemble and reassemble weekly as other classes utilize the same classroom. I have a music class with birth-5 years with parents, so it needs to be clean and fresh each week. They do clean easily so I do appreciate this . It does work though, and generally I am very happy with the product and the service.
Goodbye Concrete Legs
Self-installed in pick up truck
from Austin wrote...
I discovered this foam flooring online while I was searching for a floor for my pickup with camper shell which I am turning into a working "rv/studio". What I liked about the product is that it is safe for children's playrooms etc. and non toxic. I ordered samples, and was very pleased with all that were sent and settled on the two sided one which I am happy to report is really a fantastic product. The guys doing the conversion to my truck were also very impressed and have ordered samples for their workshop. I told them it was time to say "goodbye to concrete legs!"
Love the foam tiles
Self-installed in children's playroom
from North Carolina wrote...
The product was exactly as advertised and works/looks great. I would definitely order from Rubber Flooring Inc. again.
Love the foam tiles
Self-installed in children's playroom
from North Carolina wrote...
The product was exactly as advertised and works/looks great. I would definitely order from Rubber Flooring Inc. again.
A little disappointed
Self-installed in Living room
from United States wrote...
I ordered a few samples of various colors and thicknesses to figure out what we wanted for our 7 month old twins' play area. We decided on the 1/2" designer tiles because of the color options and feel of the sample material. The tiles were shipped promptly (both the samples and our actual order), and install was very easy over our hardwood floors. Everything looked great and we were very excited to have a soft floor for the girls to learn to crawl and walk on. However, after only a few days, they really started to show signs of wear from our dogs. Their nails are kept trimmed and filed, but they still puncture the tiles quite easily. I realize that it might be too much to expect them to hold up to the dogs, but based on some other reviews stating that they bought the tiles specifically for their dogs, I was hoping for more.
exactly what we were looking for
Self-installed in baby's play space
from Chicago wrote...
I researched a lot of others before I concluded this would best suit our needs and wants. Really happy with the large size of tile - very practical, a good thickness to absorb any tumbles the baby may take - and they look great, too. In daily use for a couple of months now and so far they have been very durable and don't look like they'll be showing any wear or tear anytime soon. Easy to keep clean. Fast shipping and the best item for the best price.
Super footing for old dogs.
Self-installed in Family room
from Orlando, FL wrote...
I am in love with my new soft tiles. They are just the ticket for my old dog to be able to get up easily and they look great too!
results 1-20 of 92
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