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3/4" Impact Rubber Tiles Reviews

3/4" Impact Rubber Tiles
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Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Perfect combination of Rubber and Foam
Self-installed in Home Gym
Chris Hall from Green Forest, AR wrote...
I was looking for a way to protect the laminate flooring in my gym room (converted guest bedroom). I needed something that could handle the weight of a Bowflex without getting torn up when I moved it, but was looking for a bit of cushioning as well. These tiles fit the bill perfectly. The top layer of rubber provides a solid surface to prevent scuffing and tearing of the foam, while the foam layer makes it softer underfoot. I have had no issues with it since installing, and installation was easy: even cutting out a section of a tile for the floor air register only took a utility knife and straight-edge (and a good bit of cutting force, but I'd consider that a good thing - who wants their flooring tiles to cut easily?)
Customer review image of  in Covered deck as a gym area.
Customer review image of  in Covered deck as a gym area.
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  Best customer service
Self-installed in Covered deck as a gym area.
Harris Miller from Oakland, CA wrote...
This isn't a review of the product, which is great too, but of the incredible customer service this company offers. The staff is very well trained, know their products and generally are the most helpful company I have ever utilized. They sent me samples of three products so I could see and feel them before I purchased. Delivery was swift and the order fulfillment was perfect. This was my second purchase from them.
  Awesome for high impact workouts!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Lisa T. from Bellows Falls, Vt wrote...
I put this floor in my basement because that is my workout space and it is finished with a laminate floor over cement. I like to do a lot of high impact workouts and the cement floor was tough on my knee joints especially. Now I can be obsessed with my workouts and do two in a row when I have the energy and time and not be in pain when I'm finished. The thin layer of rubber over the foam is tough enough to toss my weights down while working out and doesn't leave dents in the surface. It was so easy to put together and looks great! I love that it can be disassembled and taken with you easily and not too heavy. Love it!!
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Trade Show
Betsy S. from Canton, OH wrote...
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  Great product super durable
Verified Purchase
casady shepherd from Fort Leonard wood wrote...
Super durable product. I made an Olympic lifting platform so naturally I am slamming the weight repeatedly on to these rubber tiles. They have shown zero signs of wear and tear. I love this product and this company and I am considering what it will take for me to do my entire garage?
  Happy owner
Self-installed in Basement floor
Anonymous from Ohio wrote...
After a lot of research, I chose this mat, and it has exceeded my expectations. One thing I was worried about was the strength of the interlocking joints. I was concerned about gaps and separation, but this mat holds tightly together and seams are smooth. I purchased this mat to put over a tile floor where I excercise and lift weights. It is nice and firm, but with enough cushion to be very comfortable. There was an odor initially, but after opening a window for a few hours, the smell dissipated. Very satisfied with this product.
  Great foster room flooring
Self-installed in foster room
Anonymous from Cary, NC wrote...
I foster for a cat rescue group and these rubber floor mats can take a beating that only kittens can dish out. This is my second purchase of this type of flooring and if I ever need more I know where to find it.
  basement workout space
Verified Purchase
mike b from Chicago wrote...
I was looking for padded flooring for my basement gym. The foam tiles didn't look durable enough because I have some weight benches. The rubber flooring wasn't shock absorbent enough for my knees (multiple surgeries). This was a perfect blend. Durable yet padded.
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Customer review image of  in
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  Rubber flooring 3/4” impact flooring review
Verified Purchase
Dan L. from Bridgeville, PA wrote...
We have had the flooring for about a month, they are fantastic. The texture, feel and give is great for heavy weights, cardio, jump training and push-ups. As you can see we have some heavy equipment with a treadmill, peloton bike and a pull-up bar, along with a weight bench and 50lbs+ weights. The only downside is they are not quite 24” x 24”, they are off about 1/4” on each side. So when measuring the size and number of squares needed make sure you take that into account.
  Great quality and easy to piece together!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bedroom
Sheryl from Seattle, WA wrote...
Purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend because working out is something that he does daily. However, he struggles with plantar fasciitis and sometimes working out on harder surfaces will aggravate it. After explaining my needs to the sales representative, they recommended this specific mat because it provides ample amount of cushion to absorb any impact from weight training that he will do. Assembling the mats every day (because he works out in our bedroom) is very easy a fast. Depending on the workout he is doing, sometimes he pieces together all of the mats and some days he uses some of them. If you are looking for mats for your home gym and need a significant amount of padding to absorb impact, I highly recommend checking this mat out.
  Easy to install.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in A bedroom that will be used for workouts.
Anonymous from Glendale, ca wrote...
I’m 73 and it was easy for me to install. It really protects the floor and seems very sturdy. I would definitely recommend this product.
  Great flooring for indoor gym
Self-installed in Our exercise room
Anonymous from Colorado wrote...
The tiles are fantastic, just enough cushion with great support for our exercise routines.
  Not 24”
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement gym
Dan from Pittsburgh, pa wrote...
I purchased these tiles to finish off a home gym in the basement. I have 12 tiles purchased a few years ago, and was expanding the gym area. With what I have now, I estimated needing 36 additional tiles. It ends up each tile is 23 3/4”, 1/4” short each tile, ending up 2” short each width, then another row in depth too. Now I need to order additional tiles to cover the same area. Make sure you measure that 1/4” short. Tiles seem to be durable so far
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in At home
Yana from Las Vegas wrote...
I love the rubber tiles. I bought them for my gym at home. Easy to install, they are thick and great quality. Very happy with the purchase!
  Great floor
Self-installed in Home Gym
Osa from Walkertown wrote...
This is a great floor! It was easy to order, install in our gym and there was wonderful customer service to help along the way. We will order again when we have another project. Thank you all so much.
  Rubber flooring exercise room
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Livingston,NJ wrote...
Great product. Fast shipping and easy install.
  Best at home gym flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in utility room home gym
Kyle from 50323 wrote...
The flooring is great! It was easy to put together and we are loving it.
  Exactly what I was looking for
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Exercise room
Rob from Illinois wrote...
Just received rubber flooring. Easy to install and cut. Looks great...really like the filler pieces to finish off the edges. Quality looks solid...good cushioning yet tough top layer. Used additional padding underneath heavy equipment (treadmill and exercise bike) to prevent puncturing to top layer.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Philip iannucci from Wilmington, de wrote...
I think this product is hands down the best workout mats I have seen, I put it in my downstairs to work out and I can't even see the seams and I have not slipped once I will be buying more and adding on!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in SHOWER
BOB Jackson from DURANGO COLORADO wrote...
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