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3/8" Soft Wood Tiles Reviews

3/8" Soft Wood Tiles
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Average Rating 4.7/5
Customer Reviews
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  pay the extra $ for the 5/8 thickness
Self-installed in Basement
Carrie from Wisconsin wrote...
This flooring is OK. We put it in a rec room area. The tiles do not stay perfectly together (gap) and I fear the the top film will tear easily. They arrive wrapped in groups of 4 tiles with plastic, and it causes the edges of the puzzle pieces to compress down so when you try to lock it up to another piece, the puzzle pieces are not perfectly level to each other. I had ordered a sample of the 5/8 thick in Dark Oak and we decided that we would save some money and get the 3/8 thick Dark Oak. Don't make the same mistake we did and assume the color would be the same for either floor. Dark Oak in the 3/8″ is much more yellow/orange toned. Unfortunately, I had already painted the room to match the sample of the 5/8 flooring. It will work for now, but I don't expect the flooring to last. The foam core is much softer in comparison with the 5/8 inch flooring. Buyer Beware.
  Nice soft floor
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from North Carolina wrote...
My wife and I put this in the basement. It work great on the concrete part on the low profile carpet there were some issues. The don't lay perfectly flat over the carpet but still provide an easy to clean, soft surface for our son to crawl around on. Hindsight we would have bought the 5/8″ thick. Overall very good flooring.
  Fabulous Product!
Self-installed in Convention Center
Ashley from Dallas, TX wrote...
I just wrapped up a large trade show where I used the soft wood tiles as my booth flooring. I could not have been more pleased. I am a florist, so my booth esthetic is very important. The tiles looked very nice, and an added bonus is that they are somewhat soft and are so much better than carpet if you are going to be standing all day. I even had someone spill water all over my booth, and we just mopped it up off of the tiles. No damage at all. I was a little worried because I read that objects like high heels may puncture the tile, but I did not have this issue. I highly recommend this product, especially for trade shows.
Self-installed in Kitchen
Debbie from Oakland, CA wrote...
I love this product. It's the 2nd time I've purchased it. It's durable, comfortable easy to clean. I just can't say enough about.
  great product
Self-installed in Pilates Studio
jack from hermosa beach wrote...
We run a small Pilates studio and decided to pull up the carpet and put down these foam tiles. We were a little worried about some of the equipment since it's pretty heavy- so we opted for the 3/8 version instead - thinking it would be a firmer surface and ″indent″ less. We have had the floor down now for about 3 weeks and love it. We bought some furniture sliders and keep the heavy equipment on those full time to spread the weight and so far it's worked perfectly. It looks wonderful, feels wonderful, you can get down and roll on it like a mat, great to walk on and workout on. In hindsight we could have easily gone with the 5/8 thickness and may do that if we need to replace it in a few years. It's pretty darn tough stuff and goes down super fast and easy. We did the whole thing in about 6 hours and thats including custom fitting a whole section to fit around a heater and closet. One thing to know is that the product has some red to it- less blonde than we thought. Just to keep in mind. Overall a great product, it came fast and well packaged.
  Better than my mom's facelift!
Self-installed in Garage
Natalie W from Miami wrote...
I put the tiles down in the garage to create a play space for my young kids. The transformation has been remarkable. So much so that when friends/family come over, they ask where the garage is. And once I tell them it used to be the garage they are gobsmacked in absolute disbelief. These tiles have enabled us to take a formerly gross and unusable space and convert it into an extremely clean, cozy and downright beautiful playroom. The tiles are the perfect density, soft enough to protect a small child learning to walk yet firm enough that you don't feel like you're walking across a mattress. Spills wipe up easy and the wood grain texture is so well crafted it looks like real wood flooring.
  Easy to work with and install
Self-installed in my business (martial arts school)
Dominick from 06001 wrote...
It was easy to install, and to easy to work with, but....the mats mark very easily, Any type of chair or item placed on them leaves a mark/indent.
  Great quality
Self-installed in Home gym
Tina Johnston from Pheonix,AZ wrote...
I love the way this looks and feels. It is very high quality and I am so glad I purchased it.
  Easy to install
Self-installed in Craft room
Jacqueline Guthrie from Helena, Montana wrote...
Well made, easy to install and looks great! Very happy with it.
Customer review image of  in Fireplace hearth
Customer review image of  in Fireplace hearth
Larger Image
  Fireplace hearth
Installed in Fireplace hearth
Julie N. from Wixom, MI wrote...
Our beautiful fireplace hearth is a danger for our precious grand babies. Not only the sharp edges, but the rough rockface. We didn't want a permanent unattractive cover and discovered your soft wood tiles and Wow, it looks great! We were able to match the mantle to the tiles and we are so pleased. They are not only soft, attractive and tough, but easy to remove when the babies return home. Great product!
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
Larger Image
  Happy Customer
Julio G from Fontana, CA wrote...
Happy Customer
  Light tile gets dirty!!
Self-installed in At a show.
Robin Seymour from Columbia, South Carolina wrote...
The light colored tile looks great and clean until you do a show and someone walks on it. Get a swifter or a mop? Think again. I was on my hands and knees with a scrubber and the dirt never came out. I think the darker tile holds up better but the lighter color cannot hold up even light traffic.
  Wonderful Kitchen Accessory
Self-installed in Kitchen
W Smith from Pittsburg, TX wrote...
Excellent Product. Easy to work with & Looks Great!
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Larger Image
  great product
Self-installed in Kitchen
Jim from Lockport NY wrote...
Very easy to install, soft on the feet and looks great. I am a single senior living alone and I installed it on my Kitchen floor. I would not recommend this in the kitchen to anyone with children.
  Gteat Product
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from Dothan, Al wrote...
Exceeded expectations.
Customer review image of  in Basement winemaking area
Larger Image
  inexpensive solution
Self-installed in Basement winemaking area
Anonymous from Fargo ND wrote...
I like the wood grain on the product and use it in my winemaking area in the basement. I move around some large glass carboys and worry less about breaking them on the concrete and also feel more sure-footed with the inevitable spills. Would definitely order again.
  Perfect upgrade
Self-installed in Basement bedroom
Beth from Brownfield maine wrote...
I got this product to vamp up my boys basement bedroom. They had a concrete floor even with a rug it felt cold. Grit and dirt never would come all the way off when cleaned. It was hard to paint the floor a color that looked good and it was just not cozy. I got this and it not only lightened their basement room significantly but warmed it up like atleast 5-10 degrees right off the bat. It just felt better. I did have parts of the flooring that were under bed posts and bunk ladders but I liked that as I felt it would help secure it. I also got a rug to help kept it some what in place and just to add to the already appealing look. The boys loved it! We loved it. I had extras pieces after you cut it and use other pieces which is great in case of damage, which cleats will put some holes in FYI.
Customer review image of  in Home
Larger Image
  Beautiful and easy to put together
Self-installed in Home
Amber from Davenport ia wrote...
Great product and arrived super fast! Looks wonderful and really easy to install.
Customer review image of  in Yoga studio
Customer review image of  in Yoga studio
Larger Image
  Great floor
Self-installed in Yoga studio
Benny from San Diego, ca wrote...
I have this floor in my yoga studio. I installed it myself. Very easy! My students love it and anyone sees it ask where I got it. I had purchased it twice during the past 8 years. For the price I paid , it’s very reasonable. I love it. I vacuumed, mop regularly and use. Beside the lightening of the pattern on surface which is normal wear, I have not had any problem.
  Great alternative to carpet
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from PA wrote...
We love this flooring! Our most recent purchase is being installed in a basement and will keep the floor warm and comfortable and is preferable to using carpet.
results 1-20 of 80
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