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5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles Reviews

5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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Customer review image of  in Kids Playroom
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Kids Playroom
Cory M. from Lido Beach, NY wrote...
Happy Customer
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
Customer review image of  in Kitchen
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  Lasted 5 years in kitchen
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Houston, TX wrote...
I did my whole kitchen in dark oak for about $100 and they held up for about 5 years. They now have significant spots where the woodgrain pattern layer chipped/wore off. I am going to reorder. I think these are a great deal, and everyone who walks in is fooled, and then pleasantly surprised at the feeling under their feet. Even in the heat and humidity of Houston, I haven't had any issue with weird stuff growing under these in the kitchen, which I was worried about at first. I ordered samples first at the time there were only 3 colors, and the darkest wood looked almost black. I am ordering a cherry sample this time to see how it looks, as that is my preference, but will be happy with dark oak again, too (the light oak clashed with the whitewashed cabinets). The used tiles are going to get a second life doubled up as bench cushion stuffing, and as a mat under other smaller rugs because structurally they are still like new. A little tip, it seems that they are printed in 4 tile squares, so lay them out first, and find the blocks of 4 tiles have a continuous print and put those in the most conspicuous areas. Since I installed them, my eye went to the imperfections and the tooth pattern, but people don't really notice until they realize its foam. As long as your expectations are reasonable its definitely a better way to go than just expensive gel mats everywhere. (2 photos are after 5 years installed)
Customer review image of  in Playroom
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  Awesome Product
Self-installed in Playroom
Emily S. from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
Thanks so much for this awesome product. Here is the photo of the playroom with the new cork floor.
Customer review image of  in
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  5/8" Light Oak Foam Tiles
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Colorado Springs, CO wrote...
I ordered these tiles in three different orders to make sure they would be what we wanted for our basement floor and they are fantastic. It is warmer in the basement now, as well as looks great (great comments from the neighbors when they saw and walked on it) and most of all the Grandkids love the new floor. My wife has a 14 foot longarm quilting machine there and the flooring makes it great to work there now for her because of the cushioning provided by the tiles over the concrete floor and the light oak finish makes the basement much brighter and friendly. The product is great and the service is even better. I had 6 tiles that developed bubbles in the surface and they were replaced with no problems and very quickly. Our new basement floor is 43'x 19' so 6 tiles out of all of that is not much of a problem. Thank you for the great floor and service to go with it. This is ″Grandma and Grandkid Approved flooring″
  Simply Fabulous
Self-installed in Laundry Room
Charles from Canton, NC wrote...
We were searching for a floor for our laundry room (which had a concrete floor). I called the company and got a wonderful sales person who was very helpful. After watching watching the videos about how to install I felt prepared. The tiles arrived a day early and after sweeping and mopping the concrete (really important it it clean), I started. Within 45 minutes, without any other further preparation in learning how to put the floor down, it was completely done. It was so simple and beautiful to do. If you make sure to keep the right angles as precise as possible, the seams literally disappear. I guess that may be different depending on the pattern you choose, but the cork completely conceals the seams. I used a really sharp utility knife and kept refreshing the blades whenever it dragged because the foam can tear. It is thick but a dull blade can damage it. People have not been able to see the seams and are surprised they are there when pointed out. Some aspects of the cutting were tricky as I had to fit it in under the washer and dryer, but if you are careful and plan these well, you can make it look like it was there before the washer and dryer. I found the rubber quite easy to work with in tight corners, so I could cut little bits out of it easily. I could also cut little pieces to be inserted where I might have had a small gap do to the configuration of the cabinets in my laundry room and these popped in well. Several people have commented on the floors and have been amazed to find out it is made of rubber pieces. One person thought it was actual cork. We will now see how it holds up, but we love walking on it. The cork pattern really warmed the laundry room in appearance. The thickness gives a nice spongey feeling. We are now considering doing the rest of the basement!
Customer review image of  in Basement home gym
Customer review image of  in Basement home gym
Customer review image of  in Basement home gym
Customer review image of  in Basement home gym
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  Soft, durable and really beautiful
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement home gym
Anonymous from PA wrote...
Purchased for our basement for karate practice space. Looks amazing and provides a safe flooring surface with great durability! SUPER easy install! Would absolutely purchase again- worth every penny.
Anonymous from Clovis, NM wrote...
We have bought cherry wood grain flooring so our toddler son can safely cruise around. He loves this flooring and it is one of his favorite spot. He loves to play on this floor. Money worth product.
  very comfrotable
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in 20 x 20 booth in conventions halls
AnnMarie from Clinton Township, MI wrote...
We use the Foam Tile flooring at all of our conventions. The booth floor looks great, very very comfortable to stand on all day and our visitors don't want to leave , which is a good thing!
Customer review image of  in Nursery
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Nursery
Jason S. from Miramar, FL wrote...
Flooring came out amazing. Will be buying more in the near future.
  Wore Out Very Quickly
Self-installed in Kitchen
Jim from Clarkston, MI wrote...
The wood grained tiles looked great when we installed them in the kitchen, but it didn't take long at all (a couple of months, at most) for the wood grain finish to start peeling up. Now the floor looks horrible and we definitely have to replace it with something else. Maybe it's not meant for a high traffic area like a kitchen, but I think that should have been made known.
  Great addition to our RV
Self-installed in RV
Anonymous from PA wrote...
We are very pleased with our purchase. We replaced the light colored carpet in our camper with the light oak tiles. Installation was surprisingly easy. The tiles are quite attractive, add a welcome element of comfort, and are virtually maintenance free.
  Soft but not durable
Self-installed in Fitness studio
Anonymous from Chicago,Il wrote...
I own a some studio where we use kettlbells a lot and every time someone sets a bell down to hard it puts a dent into it. I had a client accidentally drop a bell on a switch and it made a huge hole in the mat so I had to change it out. I wouldn't recommends these mats to any other studio besides yoga. They look fantastic though!
  Great Product, Great Price
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Omaha, NE wrote...
The whole experience with Rubber Flooring was great. I ordered 3 samples and they came in a very quickly and they came with a coupon for an additional 28% off my order if I decided to order the tiles...Bonus!! I liked the product so I decided to go ahead and order the floor tiles for a home gym, they also arrived very quickly. I tiled a 13' x 13' floor in less than an hour. The tiles went down supper easy and I was very impressed with the overall look. However I am an extremely picky person and noticed some tiles are slightly thicker/thinner than others and also you can't line up the pattern making the joints a little more obvious. That is why 4 stars instead of 5. But again I am extremely picky and I haven't had anyone else point it out so maybe its not as noticeable as I think.
  So far so good
Self-installed in Basement
Steve from Bethel CT wrote...
Did the entire basement (about 1300 square). We bought the cork soft wood and it looks like wood. Completed the project two nights after work. There was a lot of cutting for some of the space, but cutting was fairly easy. I put down a vapor lock because this is in the basement. It does light up the area and the place looks less like a dungeon now. Floor is nice and soft and you can go bare foot without a problem. Shipping wasn't great, however. Went through two different shippers and it finally arrived a few weeks later than expected. Some of the puzzle piece seams can be seen due to the floor not being perfectly level. Using area as game room / exercise area
  Comfortable, durable, and good looking
Self-installed in Home Office
Anonymous from St. Paul, MN wrote...
I bought 6 tiles to make an area rug to use beneath a standing desk, and I have been using this for 30+ hours per week for 5 months. This has worked really well! The price was much better than most anti-fatigue mats, and I have found I can comfortably stand barefoot or in socks for 6-8 hours per day. The faux wood print makes these tiles look much less industrial than standard foam tiles, and fits better into a home office space. I've only had a tiny bit of peeling of the top layer in an area that I used a chair with casters, and this only happened after 5 months of use. It seems like it will be easy to fix. I've been really happy with this purchase, and would consider using these tiles in more places in my house!
  We love it!
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Chicago il wrote...
We went back and forth between this and the carpet tiles. We really liked the look of these but were concerned about their durability. The product looks amazing and has held up to the vigorous play from my three small children and my very rowdy nephews. I am only sorry that it took is so long to take the plunge and buy them. Installation was super easy. I love watching people walk on it and then look up on surprise because it's squishy. It really gives a nice finished look.
  Perfect for an Infant
Self-installed in Den
Anonymous from Dallas wrote...
We bought this so our 6 mos old could enjoy tummy time. So far so good! Has ample padding, easy to clean, assembly and breakdown a breeze. Great value for the money!
  Exactly as I expected
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Nevada, MO wrote...
I have been exercising (Shaun T's T25) mon-fri mornings for 6 months on a regular blue roll-up mat for floor work. Otherwise just a concrete floor with thin carpet over it. As a reward to myself for sticking with the program I purchased these mats for myself and my workout buddy. We each use 9 mats set up in a 3x3 formation and it is plenty of room. They move around a little when doing cardio and lots of jumping but that is to be expected and could probably be fixed with a rug slip guard under it. I am now able to do my workouts in bare feet (including all of the jumping and cardio that is required) and don't have any of the soreness or expense of new shoes every 2-3 months that I was dealing with before when I was just working out on the carpet. The 5/8, in my opinion, is a good thickness to prevent injury from cardio but not be too soft at the same time. Terrific product and will be asking for more for Christmas just so I can have the luxury of a bigger area for the times when more friends show up to exercise. Just a total bonus that they look like hard wood and clean up easily.
  Wash them first
Self-installed in Basement
Brendan from Chester Springs PA wrote...
They look pretty decent for my basement and were easy to cut around corners. Be sure to wash them thoroughly before putting them down. They have some kind of film on them that turns socks and whatever surface the tiles sat on into an ice rink. I used a hose, blue dawn, and a windshield washer scrubber. Kind of annoying to have to do that. I did about 300 sq ft. I found that each pack of 4 came in plastic wrap and they mated up with the pattern. However it wasn’t easy to find matches with other sets of 4 to make a larger area look seamless. I gave up eventually after getting maybe 6 sets along the grain to line up. I didn’t get any to line up with the pattern side by side. They should be labeled on the bottom to make this easier. Also I used blue painter tape to mark where I was going to cut. Worked well but a few pieces I didn’t immediately remove, wound up messing up the print on the top of the tile when I took it off a few hours later. Watch for that. These seem pretty fragile so I plan to cover mostly with area rugs. Overall I don’t think I would recommend these, too much of a pain to wash and I don’t think they are going to last long. I am much happier with the eco-soft 5/8” carpet tiles I got from rubber flooring inc for the other parts of my basement.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Playroom
Chandler F. from San Antonio, TX wrote...
Solid quality....great for playroom and also for yoga/meditation space!
results 1-20 of 572
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