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At FoamTiles.com, our mission is to provide customers with quality soft tiles at a competitive price through an easy to use, secure website. We offer an extensive variety of foam tiles or mats that include EVA products. Yoga mats, kids play tiles and baby play spaces are only a few examples of areas where you can find and see the need for foam tiles. Soft foam tiles add important safe-play protection to fun or exercise areas. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can customize any room to fit your unique style and personality. Adding mats or tiles to any room or play area transforms the look and feel of the space.

FoamTiles.com also offers educational puzzle or alphabet play mats that add an exciting learning environment to inspiring minds. If searching for unique flooring for your sunroom, porch or gazebo, soft tile is an excellent option. Each tile combination follows an easy to use interlocking tile installation process. The goal of Foamtiles.com is to make sure you have the best soft tile or mat options available. A friendly customer service staff is ready to help ease the selection process and make your mat or tile purchase a stress free process. We love to help. For the latest on FoamTiles.com news vist our blog.