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Advanced Gymnastics Mats

Already have a roundoff back tuck? You, my friend, are in need of some advanced gymnastics mats! Check out our buying guide to find the best mats for your skill level.

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and made it to the point where you’re ready for an advanced level gymnastics mat. Or, you’re the coach teaching the students who have made you proud and are now ready for these mats.

And once you become an advanced gymnast, you’re spending even more time on the beam, rings, bar, vault, etc. Basically, you’ve moved well beyond floor work, and you’re now a well-rounded gymnast ready to tear some things up.

The more advanced you get, the more important it is to have the proper gear to support you. That starts with your floor.

What should you look for in an advanced mat?

Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
Okay, let’s be real – you are doing some crazy things. Muscle ups, layouts, advanced floor moves on the balance beam, etc.; you need a mat that is designed to handle that kind of impact.

That starts with thickness and shock absorption. Mainly shock absorption, but they often come as a package deal.

Remember, it is extremely important to check out the specs on a mat before you choose it and make sure it’s rated for the activities you’ll be participating in. We have plenty of mats that are less expensive than our advanced mats, but they won’t protect you from a 10 ft fall.

This is the area you don’t want to skimp on. You will pay more. It will make you safer. It could, possibly, save your life. It’s worth it.
Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
So we’ve clarified that you will likely be giving these mats a ton of use and abuse. The more advanced you become, the more likely it is that you’re spending many long hours per week (or per day?!) practicing on the mat.

However, these mats do tend to be a little pricier. That’s why you want to make sure you choose a mat that is durable and built to handle that amount of activity. You don’t want to end up buying another one in 6 months. How annoying would that be?

It’s important to spend the little bit extra up front to save money in the long run with an advanced gymnastics mat that will last for years to come.
Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
Easy Maintenance
No one wants to spend hours a day maintaining their mat. If you do, I have an entire house you can clean…

The truth is, we always seek ease and convenience, and that’s just what these mats offer. All of our mats (except the Home Cheer Mats – but they just require a little vacuuming now and then) have a smooth, nonporous surface that makes them incredibly easy to clean with just a damp cloth or a traditional sanitizing product.

When you’re done with practice for the day, simply put the mat away. Each mat is very portable.

Types of Advanced Gymnastics Mats

Once you get to the advanced level, mats tend to be more specialized and designed to aide in different aspects of your sport. Check out all the options available to the gifted advanced gymnasts out there.

Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
Home Cheer Mats

This is an intermediate-advanced level mat. It’s the perfect fit for almost anything you want to practice – cheer, tosses, back handsprings, martial arts, wrestling, you name it.

Our cheer mats are our most popular mats. They’re so versatile that they end up being a perfect fit for almost anyone, and they are built to last for the long haul.

Also, they come in multiple size and thickness options so you can be sure to get exactly what you need. No wasting money and space on a mat that’s too big for you!

Not enough mat for you? No problem! Easily velcro multiple mats together to cover a large surface. Then, when you’re done practicing, you can roll them up individually and put them away – so simple and convenient.

Tumbling Mats

These versatile mats can support just about any gymnast in any point of the learning process. It’s more of an advanced mat, but it is definitely a mat you can grow into and that will support you through your entire learning process.

While our traditional folding mats are great for almost all levels, when you’re jumping high enough to dunk a basketball on your double back layouts, you want something extra - extra durability, extra shock absorption and extra guarantee (in the form of a 1-year warranty).

These mats come with some cool extra capabilities. You can use them to create an entire flooring surface or even as wall padding. They’re basically the “I can do it all” mat.

If you’re super skilled in gymnastics or martial arts, need to fill an entire floor space or want some extra wall padding, then you will be super happy with our 5’x10’x2” Tumbling Mats.
Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:

Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats

Although these mats are targeted more at wrestling practice, they are designed to handle the demands of varsity and college level wrestling, which makes them also perfect for gymnastics, MMA and more. We like to think of them as a multi-use mat.

These are a great choice if you have an active family doing multiple activities. It’s a great way to easily set up (and take down) a practice space that can work for everyone in the family.

Where do you put these guys? That’s easy – anywhere! Basement, living room, garage, school gym, even outdoors, these mats are designed to work in any space, and they’re super lightweight and easy to roll up and put away when you’re ready to use your space for something else, like laying on the ground being totally unproductive. Although, you can absolutely do that on the mat, too.

If you’re an intermediate/advanced athlete or coach looking for an easy, portable option for practice, you will love these Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats.
Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
FlexFit Elite Fitness Mats

The King of All Roll Out Mats.

The FlexFit Elite Mat is the cream of the crop when it comes to bodyweight, plyometric and high-impact movements. This mat is not for the faint of heart. It’s so much more than you need for a first time home fitness mat.

The only thing this bad boy can’t handle? Weights. It is not the Olympic lifter’s mat. Although, we do have a mat for that.

So who needs this ultra-tough mat? Advanced gymnasts, hardcore martial artists, CrossFit enthusiasts looking for some extra practice on their handstand push-ups, and anyone participating in hardcore bodyweight activities.

This versatile mat also rolls up in seconds for super easy transportation.

Covering a large space? You can choose between 3’ and 6’ wide mats in 10’, 20’, 30’ and even 40’ lengths. That is a lot of mat.

If you know you’re at the point in your workouts where you need that something extra, it’s time to meet our FlexFit Elite Mat.
Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
Landing Mats

The King of All Roll Out Mats.

The creme de la creme: our Landing Mats! These hardcore mats are tough enough to protect athletes at the top competitive level.

In fact, these mats are so shock absorbent, they are also referred to as “crash mats” and they are tough enough to withstand falls from the kind of battles you usually only see in the movies. You know, the falling from the rooftop kinda thing.

This is the top level mat, and certainly, not everyone needs a top-level mat. Our Landing Mats are commercially rated and designed to provide the maximum shock absorbency for the highest impact, while still maintaining a solid foundation.

These mats would be a great choice under the balance beam, rings or vault where athletes will be landing from extremely tall heights.

Also, if you travel for competitions, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. These mats come with handles that make them super easy to move around.

Have you ever tried to move a mattress with no handles on the sides? It is the absolute worst. We won’t do that to you. You’re welcome.

These bad boys are so tough, we even back them up with an impressive 3-year warranty. Mostly because we’re sure we’ll never have to use it. But for real, they’ll last you for 3 years, and if something happens, we’ve got you covered.

These mats are ideal for coaches and studio owners engaging in all facets of gymnastics. You don’t need them for your basic tumbling, but they will be your best friend when you come down on the ground from 10ft in the air.

Highlights of Advanced Gymnastics Mats

Advanced Gymnastics Mats Buyer's Guide:
Home Cheer Mats

  • Nontoxic
  • Lightweight (in most sizes)
  • Easy to clean, transport and store
  • Great for the most advanced athletes

Limitations of Advanced Gymnastics Mats

  • Higher price point
  • Often times more mat than an athlete needs if you’re not super advanced
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