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Red2' x 7' Wall Pads
Champion Blue2' x 7' Wall Pads
Navy Blue2' x 7' Wall Pads
Black2' x 7' Wall Pads
Gray2' x 7' Wall Pads
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Lime Green2' x 7' Wall Pads

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Product Highlights

  • Passes ASTM E84 (Class A), NFPA-701 & Cal 117 FR tests C.P.S.I.A Certified.
  • Foam meets ASTM 2440 standards. Can contribute to LEED certification points.
  • UV treated.

  • Passes ASTM E84 (Class A), NFPA-701 & Cal 117 FR tests C.P.S.I.A Certified.
  • Foam meets ASTM 2440 standards. Can contribute to LEED certification points.
  • UV treated.
  • Mildew and fungal resistant.
Description - Wall padding is an essential part of any athletic facility when it comes to creating a place where your athletes can push their limits. Whether you're padding a wrestling room or an entire gymnasium, professional quality wall pads are a must. Our large 2" thick foam impact-resistant wall pads are very shock-absorbing and will help to reduce the impact of an athlete running into the wall. These impact rated wall pads are very easy to install and feature a non-porous vinyl casing that is very easy to clean and sanitize and come with a 5-year warranty on all wall padding.
Material – 2" Impacted rated polyethylene foam encased in a Class "A" PVC vinyl with a 7/16" GP Blue Ribbon OSB.
Size – 2' x 7'
Thickness – 2-1/2"
Weight – ~30 Lbs.
Hardware (Z-Clip Only) – Z-Clip pads will come with enough z-clip for the full width of the pad on the wall side, top and bottom. On the panel side it will come with two clips (each 1 1/2" wide) for the top and for the bottom. Each clip has two holes and a 3/4" pan head screw is supplied for anchoring to the panel. On the wall side the full width piece is pre drilled for anchoring, but not supplied with hardware. This hardware should be chosen based on the substrate the wall pads will be mounted to.
Recommended Uses – Our 2' x 7' Wall Pads are great for any home or commercial use and are commonly used as padding for high school gyms, in college gyms, as padding in commercial gyms, as padding for elementary gyms, and much more.

Available For Order - Ships between Apr 25 - May 2

Lead times may be 10-15 business days on orders of 15 to 20 pads, orders of 20 or more may take 21-30 days.
  • Our 2' x 7' Wall Pads are easy to clean. These mats are nonporous which means that no liquids can penetrate the surface of the mat.
  • If the mats do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is needed to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the floor mat with a damp cloth and your wall pads will look like new.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
What does 'nail margin' mean, and what is the difference between it and the z-clip option.
So there are two ways to install our wall padding, with nails or with z-clips. Nail margin essentially just means that you have to nail the wall pads to the wall. This is typically done with a 1" nail margins on top and bottom, hence the name 'nail margin,' and would be considered a permanent installation. The other way to is with z-clips. So there are two parts to a zip clip, one that attaches to the wall and one that attaches to the pad. When you hook them together, they look like a 'Z,' hence the name z-clip. This installation is a semi-permanent installation and allows you to install and remove pads as need be, easily. The z-clip option is more expensive, but the ease of installation and the flexibility it gives you could be worth the money.
Do you offer custom sizes or other widths less than 2 feet?
Michael A Rowland
Yes, our wall pads can come in any custom size measurement needed. We are able to offer cut-outs and angles as well. Please contact a sales associate and they can help you with any custom measurements you might need.
Can i get the 2' x 7' wall pads in white? I have a fairly large order.
If you are looking for products not listed on the website, you can contact our customer support team at (866)416-6388 to see if they can custom order the color you are looking for.
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