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Skill Pillow Crash Mat

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Product Highlights

  • Extra soft landing pillow for gymnastics or climbing.
  • Cover made from washable denim fabric.
  • Sewn-in handles makes moving easy.

  • Extra soft landing pillow for gymnastics or climbing.
  • Cover made from washable denim fabric.
  • Sewn-in handles makes moving easy.
  • Comes vacuum-sealed for easy delivery.
  • Pillows can be stacked for extra landing padding.
  • Made in the USA!
Description - Skill Pillow Crash Mats are the ideal mat for athletes landing on their back or stomach while practicing gymnastics or training for other sports. The extra-absorbent foam mats are a favorite of gymnastics facilities and home practice. The washable denim cover creates a soft landing by allowing the foam to breathe and absorb your fall, making these crash mats perfect for soft landings when practicing skills.
Each Crash Mat comes with sewn-in handles making them easy to use and a removable denim cover that can be easily washed. These soft crash mats are extra large and perfect for use as a top-mat for gymnastics landings or under a home climbing wall.
Material – Polyurethane foam encased in durable denim fabric.
Size – 5' x 6.6' x 12" or 4' x 6' x 8"
Color – Blue/Indigo Denim
Thickness – 12" or 8"
Weight - 12" pad - 65 Lbs, 8" - 45 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Skill Pillow Crash Mats are used for soft landings in gymnastics. These mats are professional quality mats to be used in commercial facilities but are also ideal for home use. Can be used for gymnastics practice, under climbing walls, or for any other soft landings.

Available For Order - Ships between Dec 5 - 7

  • Skill Pillow Crash Mats are made with a washable denim cover that can be removed when needed to clean. For chalk or other debris you can simply vacuum or brush off.
  • If the crash mat does get a liquid spill you should clean it up with a damp towel and wash the cover with cool water.
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Any thoughts on using this as a vehicle camping mattress? Too much give? Not the intended purpose, so maybe not the best application?
You could use our Skill Pillow Crash Mat as a vehicle camping mattress.
What is the ILD and density of the 8-inch denim-covered skill pillow crash mat?
The ILD for our Skill Pillow Crash Mats is 16, and the density is 1.5 16 or 1.5 Density.
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Average Rating

  Sizing is off, but otherwise good product
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Sacramento wrote...
I bought the large size. The height was off by an inch, the width also. The Length was off by 5 inches. No label for the type of foam but I can tell it's what they say it is. Expansion is a common problem when foam is stored restricted vacuum sealed for too long. bent up as well but still useable. The right softness though. I might by again down the line but I'll hold out for a better price I would expect the sizing to be off based on their storage method (can't necessarily blame them as this is save on the oversized shipping costs).
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