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1/2" Eco-Soft +™ Foam Tiles

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Product Highlights

  • Budget friendly & customer favorite!
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Each tile comes with two detachable edges.


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Soft Cases
26" x 26" x 17"
26" x 26" x 17"
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  • Budget friendly & customer favorite!
  • Mold and mildew resistant.
  • Each tile comes with two detachable edges.
  • 100% allergen and latex-free.
  • Great for playrooms and basements.
Description - Our Eco-Soft + Foam Tiles are the perfect lightweight foam flooring option for any occasion! They’re kid-safe. non-toxic, and 100% free of any allergens, latex, or phthalates. Made of closed-cell EVA foam, these foam tiles are resistant to water, mold, and mildew growth, and provide insulating and anti-fatigue properties.
Each tile comes with two removable edge pieces. You can install them as either a wall-to-wall flooring for a finished look or as a floating mat anywhere you’d like. They’re a best-selling choice for use in sensory rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and all types of creative spaces. You can even use them in basements, home gym spaces, enclosed patios, and as trade show flooring. Check out our customer favorite Eco-Soft + Foam Tiles to see what everyone is excited about!
Note: Foam tiles may have some color variation and can be punctured by sharp items such as animal nails, rough use, high heels, and moving furniture.
Material – Closed cell EVA foam.
Size – 2' x 2'.
Thickness – ~11mm
Weight – Tiles weigh approximately 1.00 Lb. each.
Spec Sheet - Printable Spec Sheet.
Recommended Uses – Eco-Soft + tiles have been installed successfully in basements, playrooms, as light duty home gym flooring, as temporary portable flooring, in bedrooms, as trade show flooring, in childcare facilities, and anywhere a soft foam flooring surface is desired.

In Stock - Ships between Jul 16 - 17

  • 1/2" Eco-Soft +™ foam tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. These foam floor tiles are constructed of durable closed cell EVA foam. This means that no liquids can penetrate the surface of the tiles.
  • If the interlocking foam tiles do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth and your soft tiles will look like new.

Installing these interlocking tiles is very simple and usually done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  1. First, clean your subfloor so it is free of all dirt, grease, or debris.
  2. Start in one corner of the room with a corner tile and add border tiles outward along the adjacent walls. Add center, corner, and border tiles where you see fit.
  3. When coming up to an opposite wall, make sure you cut the tiles to fit the area leaving a gap that’s roughly the thickness of the tiles being used to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives aren’t usually needed since the weight of the product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, you can use some double-sided tape or mat tape around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
Are Eco Soft mats made from Rubber? Do they contain Flame Retardants, Formamide or PVC? Please send the MSDS so I can see what's in it before purchasing.
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are made with EVA foam. No rubber is used in the making of these tiles. All of our foam tiles are tested regularly and contain no hazardous materials or allergens. That means our tiles are formamide, phthalate, PVC, and flame retardant free. To get testing for our foam tiles, please feel free to reach out to one of our Floor Heroes and they can email it to you.
How do these mats lay over carpet? Its not a real high pile carpet. I was Just wondering do they slide or come apart or when you step on one does it go lower than the other.
Our Eco-Soft + tiles work great over carpet. In most instances, you will not have any issues with separation or with the tiles sliding around. The only time separation may happen when the carpet is a high pile carpet. If the tiles were to move for any reason, you could use a little double sided tape underneath the tiles.
What makes them "eco"? The name says eco but the description is exactly the same as several other interlocking foam mats that don't title as "eco". Please tell me what the difference is? As far as I can tell these are all closed-cell EVA foam. Thank you.
The "Eco" in our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles stands for economy. These are our most basic foam tiles and are not as polished as our other foam tiles. So if you are looking for a good deal on a foam tile, this product is the one for you.
I was just wondering how slippery they are when they’re wet. I am considering putting these in our pool house. Debating over these in the carpeted ones.
When wet, our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles can be very slippery. These tiles are made of a closed-celled EVA foam and don't have much slip resistance when wet.
Will the color of the mats rub off onto you?
The color on our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles will not rub off. The color is baked into the material.
Can these be used as floor protection in an art studio? Will a chair or stool with casters get stuck in it or tear up the foam?
You can use our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles as floor protection in an art studio. Chairs and stools can leave indentations on these tiles. We recommend placing rolling mats over the tiles or putting furniture sliders under the legs of chairs to keep them from damaging the tiles.
Where are these tiles made?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles are made of a closed celled EVA foam.
Will mold and/or mildew grow under these tiles if used in basement over concrete? When we have heavy rains, the concrete gets a little damp.
Mold and mildew can grow underneath any surface in the right conditions. We would recommend sealing the concrete / putting a vapor barrier to reduce moisture from coming up through and getting trapped underneath the floor. Otherwise, the interlocking design of the Eco-Soft tiles make it easy to pull up while allowing drying time.
What do you recommend to clean the tiles?
Janene Gilmartin
The best way to clean out Eco-Soft + tiles is with a mild soap and water solution and rag or mop. For any large dirt and debris, you can use a broom or a vacuum without the brush bar.
I am looking for something that has some kind of grip on the bottom so it won't slide around.
Evan Hardwick
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are made of closed-celled EVA foam and have a smooth bottom surface. Because these tiles have a smooth bottom surface, during certain movements these tiles can move. We recommend the use of a double sided tape to help prevent this. For a product that is more slip resistant, we do offer a wide range of rubber tiles that will stay in place during many different types of exercises. Our most popular tile for home gyms is our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles.
Are the foam tiles safe for hardwood floors?
william kurtz
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles are safe to use over hardwood floors.
Do I have to install these over carpet or are they thick enough to install straight over the sub flooring?
We recommend installing these tiles over a flat subfloor and not a high pile carpet.
Are these sold by the box or can any number of tiles be purchased?
Jack & mary Eastman
You can order as many 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles as you like. We don't sell these in box quantities.
If you had to cut the edges to create a straight edge, how easy (hard) is it to do that?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Will this interlock with the set of rainbow mats?
Our Eco-Soft + will interlock with our Rainbow Play Mats, but the thickness will not be the same.
Can these be used underneath carpet in a basement over concrete?
Yes, Eco-Soft tiles can be used as a sort of carpet pad over concrete. In fact, they make a great insulator against cold concrete floors. You would want to ensure that you did not have subfloor moisture problems as it could cause problems with the tiles, a cheap vapor barrier would be a great addition under the foam tiles for a more permanent installation.
Can the premium soft tiles and eco soft tiles + be used together and if not, is there a red option at all for the soft tiles?
Our Eco-Soft + Tiles and Premium Soft Tiles can not be interlocked together. For a true red, we recommend purchasing our Rainbow Play Mats.
Are Eco-Soft + a good choice for a daycare center?
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are a great choice for a daycare center and are one of our most popular tiles used in them.
Can this be installed over vinyl flooring?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles can be installed over vinyl flooring.
I bought the 1/2" Eco-Soft foam tiles for my grandkids room and placed carpet foam for extra protection when the fall, would this make the foam tiles buckle up since they are not in contact with the cement foundation? Other than that, we love the look and feel of these tiles!
Regulo Barajas
Adding a carpet pad under our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles will not cause them to buckle. As long as the pad is not too thick, you shouldn't have any issues with separation.
Can these be used outdoors in a screened gazebo 24/7? using it as child's play area. how long do you think it would take for them to degrade outdoors?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles can be installed in a screened in gazebo. These tiles have been used for this type of application successfully and have lasted for 2+ years in this type of installation.
Would these 1/2" Eco-Soft+ tiles interlock with any of the interlocking carpet tiles. I have a basement gym and would like to use black Eco-Soft+ tiles under the gym equipment but have carpet elsewhere surrounding it.
Randy Dorsey
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles will not interlock with any of our soft carpet tiles.
We're thinking about using the Eco-Soft tiles for an indoor playground at a church. What is the fall rating for these tiles?
Our Eco-Soft + Tiles do not have a fall height rating associated with them. They will help to deaden falls, but they are not tested to protect from various fall heights. If you are looking for products that are tested for this, we recommend checking out our Playground Flooring products. We offer a wide range of tiles, mats, and mulch that will provide you with various fall heights from 1 ft to 10 ft +.
Can these be glued down over linoleum or concrete?
You can glue our Eco-Soft + Tiles down to a concrete or linoleum floor. We offer a wide range of adhesives to use for this, but we would recommend using either our spray adhesive or one of our polyurethane adhesives.
How do the 1/2" Eco-Soft Mats differ from the Rainbow Play Mats?
Brenda D. G. Travis
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles and our Rainbow Play Mats are the exact same product. The only difference is that the Rainbow Play Mats come in 6 pack sets while you can order as many tiles as you like of the 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles.
Hi folks! Two questions: 1. Is there a chemical odor? For how long? 2. I am considering this to put over my massage therapy office floor so that I can disinfect between clients when I get back to work. Can it withstand alcohol? Bleach solution? What EPA registered disinfectants can it tolerate? This is the EPA list of effective disinfectants:…/selected-epa-registered-disinfectants Thanks.
Beth A. Baron
There is no chemical odor to our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles. Our foam tiles can handle all disinfectants as well as diluted bleach and alcohol.
When installing does it matter what side is up or down on the floor?
The Eco-Soft tiles come with the same texture and color on both sides of the tile and can be installed with either side facing up.
Can this withstand a kid (under 75 LBS.) riding a bike on it?
Steve Calvaneso
We don't recommend riding a bike over our Eco-Soft + tiles, but you could ride a bike over the tiles. Over time, they will wear and will need to be replaced.
I have a treadmill and total gym that I want to put on the foam tiles. Will they hold up to that?
You can use our 1/2" Eco-Soft + under a treadmill or total gym, but they will indent from the weight of the equipment. To help alleviate this issue, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the machines.
I bought these tiles in 2015 and need more. Just so I'm clear, this note indicates that this won't work with my previous purchase, correct? "These tiles will not interlock with our Eco-Soft Tiles - 2015."
Any Eco-Soft tile bought before 2015 will interlock with our Eco-Soft + tiles, but will not be the same thickness. If you need further tiles to expand your flooring, please feel free to contact one our Flooring Heroes, and they will be more than happy to assist you with expanding your flooring.
Could I put a wooden table and chairs on this? When I pulled the chairs out to sit on them, would they end up snagging on the seams between tiles?
Justin Bishop
You can put a table and chairs on top of our Eco-Soft + Tiles. If you do put furniture on these tiles, you will see indentations where the furniture has sat. To prevent this, we recommend placing furniture sliders under any heavy furniture. You won't typically be able to slide chairs in and out on these tiles. With furniture sliders, you would be able to. If you don't use them, we recommend picking the chairs up and moving them out before trying to sit in them.
Is foam flooring good on a cement floor under a ping pong table?
You can install our Eco-Soft + tiles under a ping pong table over concrete. The weight of the ping pong table will create indentations in the flooring. To prevent this, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the legs of the table. These tiles will help to insulate any room they are installed in and will also provide comfort underfoot.
Are these tiles formaldehyde free?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles do not contain formaldehyde.
Does the 1/2" eco-soft + product meet Class A flame spread ratings to be suitable for use in commercial construction? We are interested in installing this in a medical office.
Andy Messmer
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + Tiles are not technically considered flooring, so they are not tested in the same way as other materials are tested for flammability. For a toy, they passed the testing requirements set forth under 16 CFR 1500.3(c)(6)(vi), Flammability of Solids.
Hi, I have a home gym with free weights (barbell, rack, steel plates, etc.). Does this flooring provide a soft feel when standing on it? Example: if you were doing squats with a heavy bar would your feet shift slightly or is the foam fairly stiff? (in comparison to rubber tiles)
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are very comfortable underfoot. They are made out of foam so that they would be soft. We don't recommend using these in an area where squats would be performed because they will depress underfoot and could shift slightly causing a risk of injury. If you would like a product that is more suitable for this, please feel free to check out some rubber flooring options on RubberFlooringInc.
Can these tiles be used in my garage?
Edward toro
If cars will be driving in and out of your garage over out Eco-Soft + Tiles, then they would not be the recommended floor. If the garage is more of a play space or extra room, then these tiles would work perfectly. People have used these tiles as garage flooring, but over time the tiles start to tear and breakdown and separate quite often from the torque caused by driving in and out of a garage.
Do these tiles stay in place when covering a concrete floor? It's a rather big space, so it would be a lot of tiles put together.
Sunje O'Clancy O'Clancy
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are interlocking tiles and interlock tightly. When installed, under normal use, they will not come undone. The weight of the floor will keep the tiles in place.
What is the size of each tile?
Our Eco-Soft + tiles are 2' x 2' in size.
Can these tiles be nailed to the wall and then have velcro strips attached to the front to display items such as cardboard fans and and other collectible cardboard items?
Kathleen DeVore
Our Eco-Soft + tiles can be nailed to a wall. These tiles have been used for projects like this, among other craft type functions.
Do the tiles come with an interlocking flat edge trim?
Edward Dougherty
Each Eco-Soft + Tile comes with two removable edge pieces that allow you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile. These edges are not beveled and are indeed flat. These edges come with the tiles for free, so no need to try and purchase them separately.
Can these be used for a dog kennel floor and can a heating pad be used on top?
Since our Eco-Soft + tiles are made from EVA foam, we don't recommend them to be used in a dog kennel. Dogs nails can easily rip them, and if a dog was a little awry, they could tear them up pretty quickly. We do offer a wide range of floors that would work really well as flooring in a dog kennel, and you can find them on our dog kennel flooring page. A heating pad can be used on our foam tiles as the melting point for our foam is around 210 degrees.
Can eco-soft tiles be used on a concrete floor instead of carpet?
Mary-Beth Holland
Our Eco-Soft + tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface, so a concrete subfloor would be a perfect subfloor to install our tiles over. Plywood, asphalt, and commercial carpet are also great subfloors for our tiles as well.
What would be the best way to clean any dirt from these tiles?
The best way to clean out Eco-Soft + tiles is with a mild soap and water solution and rag or mop. For any large dirt and debris, you can use a broom or a vacuum without the brush bar.
Can Foam Tiles be cut to fit smaller spaces? If so, scissors or what?
You can cut our Eco-Soft + tiles with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. You can use scissors, but you will have much more success using a utility knife. When cutting these tiles, we recommend making sure to measure twice before making any cuts.
How easy is it to disassemble these tiles? I am considering whether it would be feasible to put together and take apart the floor for use one day a week.
Our Eco-Soft + Tiles were designed to be a floating floor and are very easy to install and uninstall. These tiles can be put together and removed and easily stored on a weekly basis easily.
Can these be used on an outdoor patio? If so, will they withstand being out in the rain and not mold?
Since our Eco-Soft + Tiles are made from foam, they may not last very long outside in the elements, but you can install them outdoors. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant and are also easy to clean and maintain. We would recommend ordering back up tiles for any damage that may occur. One other thing you will notice is that the tiles will fade in direct sunlight over time.
Can these be used outdoors? For example, a playground underneath rubber mulch?
Since our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles are made from EVA foam, they are not the best option to be used outdoors, but they can be used outdoors. Since they are non-porous, they may not be the best option under rubber mulch, as water would not be able to drain properly. We would recommend using one of our Lawn Pads or Play Pads under the mulch to allow water to drain properly.
For the 1/2" eco-soft tiles, is the white color option pure white? It looks like a light gray in the photo. Thanks
The white in our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles is as true as a white you can get. Since the background of our site is white, and the tile is white, we have had to grey out the color on the site a bit so that you can see the color swatch.
Can these be used under an elliptical trainer on a laminate floor?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles can be used under an elliptical trainer over laminate flooring. Since these tiles are made from foam, they will depress under the weight of the elliptical. We recommend placing furniture sliders under the wheels of the elliptical to prevent permanent depressions in the flooring.
How are these tiles installed?
Oisin Daly
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles are interlocking tiles. You just interlock the tiles like giant puzzle pieces.
Are the 1/2" Eco-Soft mats recyclable?
Shawn Brown-Knoernschild
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft + tiles are not recyclable and are not made from recycled material.
I was wondering if I could do Hiit workouts or other basic cardio workouts, burpees etc. on these tiles.
Using the 1/2" Eco Soft + tiles is not recommended for HIIT workouts because they can separate under repeated aggressive movement. We would recommend you check out some of our rubber mat products that are better suited for HIIT style workouts. If you do choose to use the 1/2" Eco Soft + tiles for exercise it is recommended that you use a double sided tape on the underside of the tiles to secure them in place.
Looking to put the rubber flooring over a laminate flooring in basement. Will the black rubber flooring discolor the laminate wood flooring. Thinking of using it to protect the laminate floor from golf balls when hitting in a golf net.
The 1/2" Eco Soft + tiles will not transfer their color to other surfaces and would be a good protective covering for your laminate wood flooring.
Can these tiles handle the weight of a treadmill without crushing?
Our Eco Soft+ tiles are made from high density foam and they will absorb heavy weight well. With the weight of equipment like a treadmill the tiles will indent. If the equipment is left on the tile long enough then the indent will become permanent. This impact can be mitigated with the use of furniture sliders or some other surface that helps distribute the weight of the machine. Otherwise we might suggest our 8mm Strong Rubber Tiles which will not indent under the heavier weight of a treadmill.
What about corner tiles and flat edged tiles!
Each tile comes with two detachable edges that form a corner! These edges can be removed to make one large floor and then assembled around the edges of the foam floor to create a nice flat edge around the perimeter.
Are 1/2" eco-soft tiles good for using under an home weight machine?
The Eco-Soft+ Tiles are great for home gym floor padding. Heavy equipment will leave indentations in the surface of the tile that may be permanent. You can use furniture sliders to mitigate this indentation or if you plan to move the equipment in the future you can always replace the indented tiles.
I have purchased the 1/2 inch echo soft + tiles. I am installing them on our cement garage. Do I need to put a moisture barrier down under the tiles? We live in a humid area, so the floors to get some condensation, but not much, and not often.
Our Eco-Soft tiles are completely waterproof and can be installed on a subfloor without a moisture barrier. If you are worried that the conditions of your floor might lead to a mildew problem then it may be smart to lay down some sort of underlayment in order to prolong the live of the tiles and to avoid mildew on your floor under the tiles.
How do you cut these tiles?
Tina Van Camp
These Eco-Soft tiles can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife, we offer those on our site!
Are you able to use them outdoors?
Yes, Eco-Soft+ tiles are great for use outdoors. EVA foam is a great material for both indoor and outdoor use and can be cleaned easily if it gets dirty.
Home gym use. Will this flooring be ok for a tredmil, peloton bike, and other weights? Hardwood floor will be underneath.
Brent Neifield
These Eco-Soft+ tiles are great for home gyms. Some applications, like under a stationary bike, might not be as stable as if you were to use a rubber tile or a rubber-top foam tile (like our Impact Rubber Tiles). Otherwise they are great for weight rooms but will indent wherever heavy equipment is place for long periods.
What if the floor is not exactly a foot like my floor is 11 feet 5 1/2 inches wide 11 feet 11/2 inches long
Eco Soft tiles are made of EVA foam that is easy to cut with a utility knife (or even a pair of scissors) to fit whatever area you are installing them in. If you need to make cuts to the tiles it is easiest to use a straight edge or yard stick to mark and cut straight lines and then install them.
Our luxury vinyl tile installer said to avoid latex- or rubber-backed coverings in our home gym. Will these Eco-Soft+ tiles cause discoloration or other issues with the luxury vinyl? Is there a better solution?
Mikey Gee
These Eco Soft tiles do not contain latex or rubber. To test, find an inconspicuous place, such as a closet or other area.
How well would these mats handle being danced on with shoes? How worried should i be my shoes will destroy the mat?
We would not recommend this tile for that purpose. Please browse through our many Dance Flooring products.
Where are these manufactured?
Our 1/2" Eco-Soft+ Foam Tiles are designed in the USA and Manufactured in China.
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Customer review image of  in Halloween Costume
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Halloween Costume
James C. from French Lick, IN wrote...
Check out my Halloween Costume.. Made out of foam flooring!
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Customer review image of  in Kids Sensory/Playroom
Customer review image of  in Kids Sensory/Playroom
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  Kids Sensory/Playroom
Self-installed in Kids Sensory/Playroom
Karen S. from South Lyon, MI wrote...
We used the ″soft tiles″ to create our kids' sensory/playroom (our oldest son has autism).
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Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Amazingly Happy
Self-installed in Basement
Matt R. from Stoughton, WI wrote...
Thought I would send pictures of what we used you foams for….. they came in handy… and may be looking to do more basement rooms… This idea not only made our son amazingly happy; his own “Lego City” but it also has made our basement warmer by using these on the cement. Again just thought we’d share our idea.
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