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5/8" Funky Animal Print Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
5/8" Funky Animal Print Tiles
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$19.71 Tile
reg: $2.92 sqft
tile $26.28
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can the soft tiles in funky print have furniture on it, and can they be used as flooring in a basement?
Our Funky Animal Print Tiles can have furniture placed on them. If the furniture if placed directly on the tiles, an indentation will be left in the tile where the furniture sat. This, in most cases, will not go away. To avoid this, we recommend the use of Furniture Sliders. These can be placed under the furniture legs, and help to prevent unsightly indentations. These soft tiles can be placed as flooring in a basement.
I love the cow option on the 'funky animal print tiles'. However, I'm wondering if the cow print is one cohesive room sized pattern (as shown in the example picture) or if each square has the same identical pattern leaving it looking choppy (as shown in the design your own view). I'm hoping it is in fact one cohesive pattern.
Every tile of our Funky Animal Print Tiles has the same exact pattern per style.
Do these interlock with the 5/8" color tiles? For example, could I alternate with colored tiles or do a colored border?
Our 5/8" Funky Animal Print Tiles do not interlock with our 5/8" Premium Soft Tiles. These tiles are 3' x 3' whereas our Premium Soft Tiles are 2' x 2'.
Do the animal print tiles come with edges like the 2 x 2 color tiles?
Loretta King
Our Funky Animal Print Tiles come with two removable edge pieces allowing you to turn any tile into a corner, border, or center tile.
In the pictures, the animal print appears to have fake fur. Is that an image, or do some of the prints have faux fur?
Our 5/8" Funky Animal Print Tiles do not have any faux fur on them. The images shown on the tiles are prints.
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