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7/8" Tatami Tiles Reviews

7/8" Tatami Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Awesomely simple!
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
from Smyrna, GA wrote...
I installed 120 ft.² of these tiles (30) for my concrete basement floor so that I could do my T25 and P90X3 workout programs without joint pain. These absorb the jumping impact so well without being too cushy to simply walk on. They feel firm to walk on, but when you jump, they compress and rebound quite nicely so that you don't "sink in" and lose your balance during one-legged complex movements. Get some! Your joints will thank you!
Good economical mats for home use
Self-installed in Home - Living Room
from Idaho wrote...
I ordered 120 square feet of the 7/8" tatami mats for portable home use in my living room. My family trains karate (stand up striking), jiu-jitsu (ground work grappling), and general calisthenics fitness on these.

The kids love leaving them out to play on and even watch movies on. They've also found that the puzzle edges allow you to build many boxes and triangles creating excellent forts! So, that's an unexpected side benefit ;)

We've had them for about 2 weeks now. Overall I am satisfied. I was able to order these brand new with shipping included for less than some local sellers were selling used mats... so the price is excellent.

The quality is good. Puzzle interlocks are cut very well and fit nicely together. The tatami finish has a nice texture.

Out of the box the tiles are dry to the touch but have a slippery feel. You would not want to do any serious stand up striking/foot-work on these until they've been used a little bit to wear off the slippery. This doesn't take long though, after only a couple grappling sessions they feel like normal. I think just wiping them down with some old towels would do the trick.

The mats provide a lot of cushion. They are not too marshmallowy to stand on, but you can definitely feel them squish a bit under foot. Rolling/wrestling on them is very comfortable. I specifically picked the tatami version over the 1" grappling mats because I expected the tatami mats to be a bit more compressed and less squishy than the grappling mats, making them more useful for stand up work.

They mats are secure, the only time I've had them come loose is when we are grappling along the outer edge and someone pushes out hard on the outer row, then the puzzle pieces can pull free, but it's a quick and easy fix and none of the puzzle edges have ripped.

The surface is not terribly strong. We have to be careful to pick them up after use and make sure all pets have well-trimmed claws if they might wander across them. Ours have a few small claw holes in them after a couple weeks of ownership until we realized we needed to pay a bit more attention to this. I do not believe these would stand up very well to any type of foot wear. If these were being used in any sort of self-defense class I'd be concerned about people wearing any sort of shoes on them. Note: I dont think the manufacturer intends these for anything other than bare foot use... just wanted to point it out to potential buyers.

The size is excellent for home use because the 2'x2' squares are easy to stack and store without taking up an unusual amount of space. For comparison I often train in a dojo that has the 40" square Century puzzle mats. The Century mats have a stronger surface and are harder overall but would be difficult to store in a home environment due to their size. I believe sells a similar type mat that is comparable to the Century mat and I would probably favor those in any sort of commercial space because they might be a bit stronger.

Overall, I'm very happy with these for recreational home use. I may likely order more in the future for a bit more mat space and if a few get damaged I would order replacements.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
I use them as work kneeling pads
Installed in Not applicable
from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
I'm a cabinetmaker & finish carpenter and have never liked kneepads. These 2x2 pads are perfect for work. They are very lightweight but dense enough and thick enough to cushion your knees well. And the price is unbeatable. I have 8 pads, 32 square feet that cost about $50 total versus well over $120 for anything comparable.
Great for babies
from Oregon wrote...
Very think and soft; our daughter lover crawling on it in her playroom
Interlocking mat
Self-installed in home gym
from Denver CO wrote...
I was setting up a workout area in my basement and with my arthritic knees, this mat has been wonderful. Durable, thick, very useful
Great for the kids play area
Self-installed in Kids playroom
from chicago, Illinois wrote...
I personalized with decals and the kids love them!
Looks great, but a bit slippery
Self-installed in New house
from Pennsylvania wrote...
I got the tatami pattern because I'm going for a zen modern theme. I was so excited to find this flooring and having it is a huge improvement to the laminate flooring that was in the room before. It's much easier on my joints whenever I do floor exercises or jumping exercises. The only issue I have is that the lines that create the tatami image make the floor slippery when I'm in plank position or trying to do push-ups. I guess I should be grateful for the extra core work!
Very Happy
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Wheeling, WV wrote...
This is my personal insane asylum where I do insanity & T25! The tatami tiles rock!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Spare bedroom turned into a kids playroom
from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
My sons karate dojo has tiles like these and I figured why not get some for home. They are great and now we can practice at home without Mom getting too mad or worried.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great for therapy space
Self-installed in Basement
Verified Purchase
from Wisconsin wrote...
I have a son with severe autism. He has in home ABA staffing that come into the home. He needed a dedicated therapy space and these where perfect. They are thick enough that we can sit on the floor for hours with him if needed. The floor is safe if he self harms. I love these.
from Ashland ms wrote...
They were good just what I need.
Tatami Tiles
Self-installed in Extra bedroom .
from Warwick , R.I. 02886 wrote...
Great for extra room to do exercise, stretches, etc. Not too soft and not too hard. Just right.
Great training mats!
Self-installed in basement
from Wilmette, IL wrote...
Excellent product-we use them for weight training and BJJ rolling.
my review
Self-installed in my house
from Southern Illinois wrote...
I liked the look, convenience of the act of buying and transport, and it delivers on all it promised.
perfect playroom flooring
Self-installed in play room
Verified Purchase
from New Jersey wrote...
I very rarely do online reviews but these floor tiles are perfect. I installed them over hardwood flooring for a playroom. Used to be a billiards room but times change. I'm thinking about installing them in my unfinished basement, putting up some wall pads and building out a wide open free play space for kids.
Great mats
Self-installed in Home Gym
from North Carolina wrote...
I ordered these mats for my daughter to practice taekwondo at home. Her school uses Zebra brand mats and these are very similar. They are great quality, nice and thick, easy to put down...we love them. I just placed a second order to add to the size of her practice area.
Great Flooring
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Washington, DC wrote...
Great product, just wished that it was a little more slip resistant. Otherwise, I would recommend it for your training purposes.
Accident prevention
Self-installed in Bedroom
from Oregon wrote...
7/8" "Tatami" interlocking floor tiles works wonders for my wife who has walking difficulties. The surface prevents her from sliding and the padding lessens the impact of a fall when it occurs.
Very Happy
Self-installed in Spare room used for exercise
from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
I assembled my rubber mat about a month ago and I'm very happy with the product as well as the customer service. I assembled it myself with it in about 10 minutes. One of the beveled Edge pieces was incorrect so I called customer service who was extremely helpful and friendly. I received the correct piece the next day! I use a light vacuum on a setting intended for high pile carpet in order to keep it debris free and I use a wet rag with a mild dish soap to mop it weekly. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great product
Self-installed in Home gym
from FL wrote...
Love it, goes together easy and comfortable enough to sleep on!
results 1-20 of 141
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