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1" MMA Mats Reviews

1" MMA Mats
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  Slippery coating
Self-installed in Living room
Anonymous from Long Island, NY wrote...
The tiles seem to be coated with some type of coating that makes them very slippery. The coating also seems to remain on the floor beneath the tiles after the tiles are removed, and has been tracked by foot to other floors in the house, making them slippery as well.
  Good for jiu jitsu grappling
Self-installed in home martial arts studio
Anson from San Diego, CA wrote...
We use the 2x2 1″ foam tiles for jiu jistu at home. We can lay out 12' x 12' (36 tiles, two at a time) and after grappling put them away in less than five minutes. They are not quite as soft as the mats they replaced, but much easier to work with and take less storage space. They are plenty of cushion for grappling as long as you're not body slamming each other. Samples of the 1″ softile vs 7/8″ tatami showed the 1″ inner material was softer than the tatami. Check the free samples for yourself. The 1″ are also 1/8″ thicker which helps. If I had to give a ″con″ for the softiles I would say the interlocking seams aren't 100% snug, and some of the tile thicknesses vary slightly. But neither have been a problem. The differences are hardly noticeable and have not impacted performance. Overall they rock.
  Great mats
Self-installed in Home gym
Jamie from Scandia, MN wrote...
Easy to install and quality mats. Used for workouts - insanity, insanity max, p90x3, 21dfx
  Great for workouts!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in basement
SS from Indiana wrote...
I bought some of these tiles to place in our unfinished basement to have a softer place than concrete for workouts. My husband and I have been doing T25 (a beachbody workout) on them. These tiles are great for this use. I actually am doing the workouts barefoot to build my feet and leg muscles. They are great at absorbing the shock from jumping. My only complete is that I have created little gnashes in the tile from my sports bra zipper just from doing a superman exercise. If we weren't moving soon, I'd probably want to put these all over our whole basement.
  mats for fitness studio
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Fitness Studio
Liz from Portland, ME wrote...
I purchased these foam tiles to put on the floor in my fitness studio. The studio is located right above a spa (lesson learned-spa goes above fitness studio...) and I needed to muffle some of the sound made in our higher impact classes. I needed mats that I could take up between classes, that weren't too much of a hassle to take up and put down, and absorbed the noise from jumping. These do the trick pretty well (not 100%, it only really works when students know how to land softly). Of all of the removable padding these were the best value, but were still pretty pricey which is why I only gave a 4 out of 5.
  Not the usual use!
Self-installed in Boat
Anonymous from Oklahoma wrote...
I purchased this product after getting a quote on reupholstering my boat. Since its primarily just me, I didn't want to spend that kind of money so I started looking for something like this and since the price was right, I purchased a box to try it out. It worked almost perfectly after I cut 2 of the squares to make the seat for the center console. My only issue was the same as alot of other reviews have pointed out, the coating on them made glueing 2 together a challenge. Other than that, outstanding results!!
  Excellent for Insanity work outs!
Self-installed in living room
Don from Mountain View, CA wrote...
Great thick mats that work great in apartments for the crazy jumping etc... needed for Insanity. Highly recommended.
Customer review image of  in
Customer review image of  in
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  Very Very Happy!
Jennifer E. from Fort Wayne, IN wrote...
Blocking board made from the interlocking 1″ jumbo foam tiles. Holds pins perfectly, can be propped up out of the way against a wall without too much sagging. Stores just as easily. Would have wished for the tiles to come in 1' x 1' sections but all in all Very very happy with my purchase and thank you sooo much dustin for all the help and the odd questions I've had to ask to find just the right material for the job. Keep up the great work and customer service!!!
  Knitting Blocking Board
Self-installed in Anywhere I can dry my projects
Jennifer from Fort Wayne, Indiana wrote...
These tiles are great even if I am using them for an unconventional purpose. Holds pins easily for wet blocking a finished yarn crafting project and can handle a lot of tension before tearing. Can be propped up against a wall to be out of the way while drying and easy to tear down and store. Water proof and textured so project dries just as quickly as on conventional blocking boards. Interlock the tiles in any order to accommodate those odd shaped projects. I purchased 9 tiles so I can make any size i need from using one tile for a sweater piece to all 9 for a large blanket. Extremely happy with this product!
  Love the Quality
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Arturo from Palos heights IL wrote...
Love the quality of the Product. Super easy to piece together. Had to cut a corner to fit around some furniture. Cut was simple to make! I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to make a home gym. We ordered samples before placing our full order. Will be ordering more to complete the look.
Customer review image of  in Dance studio
Customer review image of  in Dance studio
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Dance studio
Jennifer C. from Morris, IL wrote...
Great for what I needed.
Self-installed in Home gym-basement
The moulder from Michigan wrote...
Awesome!! My gym looks good and feels good. Mats were easy to install, took longer than anticipated cause I was making sure it was done correctly.
Verified Purchase
Installed in Martial ARTS SCHOOL
Donna Rhdoes from Dunlap tennessee wrote...
We received our mats and laid them in about an hour. No problems.
Customer review image of  in Home dojo, gym
Customer review image of  in Home dojo, gym
Customer review image of  in Home dojo, gym
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  Finally, my dojo
Self-installed in Home dojo, gym
Clemente from Portage, michigan wrote...
Wanted to build my own gym, dojo in my basement. When it came to the flooring, it was kind of difficult to choose one I liked-many options. Ordered samples and with “ permission” by the boss (wife) I went with the 1” mma mats. Very impressed! Easy to install. I put down 270 sqft in about 5 hrs. I was taking my time and making sure floor was perfect with the cuts. Whole family loves how it feels under your feet! Will come back for more later down the road for other projects.
Customer review image of  in Garage
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  Great Garage BJJ Mat!
Self-installed in Garage
Jeremy G from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
We purchased the 1″ MMA mats to outfit half of our garage for jiu jitsu training. The tiles were super easy to install -- we had our 12 x 16 training area set up in 30-minutes. The mats provide the necessary shock absorption for jiu jitsu training and are easy to clean. I highly recommend this product.
Self-installed in garage
ANDREW P. WOLFE from CO wrote...
Nice density- almost like ultra dense memory foam. I use it to work on barefoot in the garage. My feet and joints LOVE it. Super easy to install. Only cons-beveled edges dont fit 3x3 exactly (very minor), will dent with too much continuous weight i.e. a car, will distribute with plywood and vinyl. will tear if you drop heavy hard object. But excellent product im using it unconventionally.
  Great mats!
Self-installed in Basement home gym
Marty R. from Missoula MT wrote...
I was shocked at the quality and the ease of installation. Looks like a professional martial arts studio. Good kicking surface, plenty of padding but not to much to get bound up in it. Good for floor exercises too like sit ups.
Self-installed in Garage to make gym
IP from Martinez, CA wrote...
Great product, easy installation, like that it has borders.
  MMA mats
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Texas wrote...
Fast delivery and very easy to install. I ordered the mats for my home gym. The best thing about the mats are that they are shock absorbent and great quality. when I jump and excercise on them my body isn’t aching. Weights are also great on them. I would highly recommend.
  best mat ever
Self-installed in gym room
Miguel from New Jersey wrote...
Great, very thick and stable. Best MATs I have ever purchased.
results 1-20 of 224
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