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Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats

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Product Highlights

  • Lightweight and portable.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Safe and durable home wresting mat.


6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' Gym Wall Padding Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Wall Pad Corner
6' x 6" x 6" Nail Margin Corner
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$184.99 ea.
$184.99 ea.
2' x 6' Wall Pads
2' x 6' Wall Pads
Nail Margin
2' x 6' x 2-1/2" thick
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$99.99 ea.
$99.99 ea.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • Safe and durable home wresting mat.
  • Mat tape included.
Description - Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats are the perfect athletic flooring solution for the wrestler looking to enhance their skills with a durable at home practice space. These durable yet lightweight mats can easy be rolled out for use and rolled back up for storage when in between practice sessions. The tough 24oz vinyl top surface features a standard circle as well as starting lines to allow for practice within regulations. The durable vinyl surface is also easy to clean with the quick wipe of a cloth or even a light sweep to remove dust and debris. Shock absorbing and portable, these wrestling mats are perfect for practicing in any room of the home, indoors, and even outdoors.
Note – If ordering more than one mat, there may be slight variation in surface color shade, texture, and nominal size due to the production process.
Material – Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a Tough 24 oz. Vinyl top.
  • 10' x 10': Includes two 5’ x 10’ mats, one roll of mat tape, gray 8' circle & starting lines.
  • 12' x 12': Includes two 6’ x 12’ mats, one roll of mat tape, gray 8' circle & starting lines.
  • 18' x 18': Includes three 6’ x 18’ mats, one roll of mat tape, gray 10' circle & starting lines.
Thickness – 1-1/4” and 1-5/8" thicknesses.
Weight – 10' x 10' mats weigh ~46 lbs total, 12' x 12' mats weigh ~62 lbs total, and 18' x 18' mats weigh ~150 lbs total.
Rolled Size
  • 10' x 10': 16" x 16" x 60" each (x2)
  • 12' x 12': 24" x 24" x 72" each (x2)
  • 18' x 18': 24" x 24" x 72" each (x3)
Recommended Uses – Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats are great for home wrestling practice in the basement, garage, inside, and even outdoors. Our large Home Wrestling Mats can also be used as matting for cheerleading, MMA, gymnastics, tumbling, and much more.

Available For Order - Ships between Feb 7 - 28

If adding lines, mats may take up to 10 weeks to ship.
  • Wrestling mats are very easy to clean. Each mat is constructed of durable closed cross-linked polyethylene sports foam with a tough vinyl top surface.
  • If the mats get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is needed to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the mat with a damp cloth and your wrestling mat will look like new.
  • Wrestling Mats are very easy to install. The built in flex rolling system makes it easy & quick to roll each mat out for use and then roll it back up when finished for convenient storage.
  • These portable and lightweight Wrestling Mats can be rolled up and easily transported, making them suitable to be installed in virtually any room or practice space quickly and without fuss.
  • Two or more mats can be adjoined using mat tape to make a larger wrestling practice area.
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Do you wrestling mats meet or exceed STM F1081 wrestling mat impact standard in accordance with ASTM F355 "Test Method for Shock Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials?
Our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats do meet and exceed both standards.
Can you make an 8’x12’ wrestling mat?
You can create a custom wrestling mat, but the width of our wrestling mats are 6' wide for custom mats. You can create a custom mat on our Home Wrestling Mats - Custom Cut page.
Where are your mats made? Where is the foam made?
Our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats are made from Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a 24 oz. vinyl top.
Do you need tape or connect them, or does it have an automatic connection?
To connect the multiple mats in our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats, you will need to use mat tape. They do not automatically connect.
Do you get both pieces you see in the picture?
Will Harris
Yes, our Deluxe Home Wrestling Mats come in multi-piece mat sets. The 10' x 10' mat and the 12' x 12' mat contain two mats whereas the 18' x 18' mat contains three mats.
Once the mats are taped together can you roll them up and then back out as needed?
You would be able to tape and roll up the Deluxe Home Wrestling mats, however transporting them as two connected rolls could cause the tape to come off. If you are only rolling them up to the side of the room and then back out when needed then it would be easy to leave them taped together.
What is the difference between the home wrestling mat and the deluxe home wrestling mat? What makes this deluxe one better?
These Deluxe Home Wrestling mats come with a painted wrestling circle and come in packs of two or three mats. These are great for wrestling specific practice where you'd want a circle and starting lines.
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  Happy Customer
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Self-installed in Garage
TJ from Ponte Vedra wrote...
I bought them to practice wrestling with my boys but today I did burpees on the mats during my workout. I also figure my girls can practice their cheer stunts and flips on the mats.
  Great mat!
Verified Purchase
Installed in Living Room
Yagnesh C Jani from Fort Lee, NJ wrote...
It's awesome! I'm very happy with it!
  Roll out mats
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Miami, FL. wrote...
Great product! Very happy.
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