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4'x8'x2" Folding Mats

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In Stock - Ships between Oct 28 - Nov 3
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Blue4'x8'x2" Folding Mats
Blue 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats Blue
Black4'x8'x2" Folding Mats
Black 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats Black
Rainbow4'x8'x2" Folding Mats
Rainbow 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats Rainbow
Pink4'x8'x2" Folding Mats
Pink 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats Pink
Product Highlights
  • Ships the same or next business day.
  • Perfect for gymnastics or Martial Arts Training.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Ships the same or next business day.
  • Perfect for gymnastics or Martial Arts Training.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable Vinyl Mat Covering.
  • Each mat has velcro flaps for easy expansion.
  • 1 year warranty.
Description - Folding mats offer a portable foam matting solution. These mats are covered with a durable vinyl mat covering and have a Velcro tab system on all 4 sides so that multiple mats can be connected together to cover large areas.
Material – Crosslink Polyethylene foam encased with 18 oz vinyl fabric
Size – Each mat is 4’ x 8' (48" x 24" x 8" folded).
Thickness – Available in 2.0" thickness.
Weight – 23.2 Lbs.
Recommended Uses – Folding mats offer an excellent low cost gymnastics and martial arts matting system that is both portable and durable.

In Stock - Ships between Oct 28 - Nov 3

  • A folding Mat is easy to clean. Unlike many other cheap folding mats available, our folding mats are constructed of durable closed 18 oz vinyl fabric. This means that no liquids can penetrate the surface of the mat and that the folding mat will be extremely resistant to punctures and tears.
  • If the foam folding mats do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, all that is needed to clean them is to do a quick wipe of the floor mat with a damp cloth and your gymnastics mat will look like new.
Since our folding mats come with Velcro on all sides, they are the perfect mats to use as wall padding. To properly hang these mats to the wall you will need to:
  • First determine the proper placement of the wall padding for greatest protection.
  • Next you will need to measure the area in which you are installing the mats to determine where you will need to place your Hook-and-Loop strip velcro. A tape measurer, pencil and carpenters level are recommended to ensure proper placement.
  • Next you will need to fasten either the hook or the loop to wall which will fasten to the hook or loop on the mat. The hook is the rough side and the loop is the soft side. You will need to use a 2” wide peel and stick Hook-and-Loop fastener.
  • Once your Hook-and-Loop fasteners have been attached to the wall, you will then attach your wall padding accordingly to the appropriate fasteners for proper hold.
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Is buying the mats online only, or do they sell these specifically in a store? My dad doesn't like online shopping so....If they do sell these specifically where?
Our 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats are sold primarily online. If you live in the Phoenix area or in the Nashville area, you can stop by one of our warehouses and pick up the mat. If that is an option for you, please feel free to contact one our flooring heroes and they can assist you with your purchase.
When your 4x8x2 mat is folded what is the size?
Our 4'x8'x2 Folding Mats are 4' long x 2' wide x 8" high when folded up.
What is the fall height for these mats? Can they be placed on a concrete patio outside? Would it be ideal for placing under a swing set for protection from falls outside on concrete? Is there a recommendation for a better mat for that application?
For under a swing set, we recommend using our Playground Swing Mats. Our 4' x 8' x 2" folding mats while shock absorbent, are not ideal for use for that type of application.
How much does the 4'x8'x2" Folding Mat weigh?
Our 4'x8'x2" Folding Mats weigh 23.2 Lbs.
What is the size of the mats when laid out flat?
Our Folding Mats, when laid out flat, are 4' x 8' x 2" thick.

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Customer review image of  in Living Room
Customer review image of  in Living Room
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Living Room
Phuong from Tulsa, OK wrote...
Very Happy
Customer review image of  in Daycare like
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  Fantastic folding mats
Self-installed in Daycare like
Kimberly W. from Pittsfield Maine wrote...
I am more than pleased with my folding mats I purchased for my daycare! I would recommend these mats to anyone, it adds so much to our space for our babies as well as our little tumblers. Thank you so much for the awesome quality at a wonderful affordable price!
  Great mats 16 months out!
Self-installed in Home Gym/Studio
Sandy from Frederick,MD wrote...
I bought 3 of the black 4'x8'x2″ folding mats for a gymnastics/aerial silks studio I created for myself and my two daughters. They are still in fabulous condition 16 months out! I did extensive research online and with colleagues/professionals/students in both fields and I could not beat the quality for this price! Before I ordered, I was concerned about some of the comments stating that the mats were ″too″ firm, but I took a chance anyway. I'm so glad I did! Yes, when they first arrived they were VERY firm. However, after about 1-3 weeks of use, they started to ″relax″ and reached a wonderful degree of firmness without being ″too hard″. After years of working and using numerous mats at various studios, I was tired of ″mushy″ mats. Everyone who has come in contact with my mats, comments on their quality and how good they feel under their feet. My girls constantly use them to practice their tumbling skills, including handsprings, round-offs, and aerials. The mats offer firm support for aerial silk skills that don't require a crash mat. They travel well, are easily cleaned, and fit together nicely. The covers are very durable. There were other comments about the covers not being perfectly tight over the foam. This is true, but it is does not interfere with their use in any way! Also, they were delivered within the expected time frame. I have no complaints. I have already recommended these mats to others. I hope this addresses some of the previous concerns and assists those who are considering these mats.
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