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6' x 42' Cheer Mats

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Blue6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Black6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Gray6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Purple6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Red6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Teal6' x 42' Cheer Mats
Charcoal Gray6' x 42' Cheer Mats

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Product Highlights

  • Available in 1-3/8" and 2" thick mats.
  • Great for Jr., High School, and College competitions.
  • Easy to roll out and up.


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  • Available in 1-3/8" and 2" thick mats.
  • Great for Jr., High School, and College competitions.
  • Easy to roll out and up.
  • Perfect for gymnastics and cheerleading competitions.
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty.
Description - Our 6' x 42' competition cheers mats feature a durable carpet top over a cross-link polyethylene foam that’s great for high schools, colleges, and much more. Easy to roll out and roll up, these roll-out mats are the perfect mats for anywhere multiple events are held. These roll-out cheer mats are very easy to clean and maintain and are great for gymnastics, cheer, and much more.
Note – If ordering more than one mat, there may be slight variation in carpet color shade, texture, and nominal size due to the production process. Velcro strips are included on all orders of 2 mats or more for joining (one per seam). If placing another order at a later time, please contact us if you need additional velcro strips for new mats.
Material – Crosslink Polyethylene Foam bonded to a Tough 26oz Needle-Point Carpet top.
Size – 6' x 42'.
Thickness – 1 3/8” or 2".
Weight – 1-3/8" thick mats are approx. 126 Lbs. and 2" thick mats are approx. 157 Lbs.
Rolled Size
  • 6' x 42' x 1 3/8" mats: 32" x 32" x 72".
  • 6' x 42' x 2" mats: 41" x 41" x 72".
Recommended Uses – Our 6' x 42' competition cheer mats are the perfect mats for competitions at all levels and have been used as matting for cheer competitions, gymnastics competitions, and more at the Jr., High School, and College level.

Available For Order - Ships between Feb 7 - 21

  • Cheer mats are very easy to clean. Each mat is constructed of durable closed cross-linked polyethylene sports foam with a durable carpet top.
  • If the mats do get something spilled on them or appear dirty, simply wipe the area with a damp cloth or vacuum, and your cheer mat will look like new.
  • To avoid lingering dirt or debris, be sure to spot clean and vacuum your mat at least once a week if the mat is used on a daily basis.
  • Cheer Mats are very easy to install. The built-in flex rolling system makes it easy & quick to roll each mat out for use and then roll it back up when finished for convenient storage.
  • First, simply unravel your cheer mat so it lays flat.
  • If you’re using more than one mat, Velcro strips are included with all orders of two or more to allow for joining the mats together. Two or more mats can be arranged to make a larger gymnastics mat area.
These portable and lightweight Cheer Mats can be rolled up and easily transported, making them suitable to be installed in virtually any room or practice space quickly and without fuss.
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Are the mats available in lengths other than 42 feet?
You can get our Cheer Mats in custom lengths in our Home Cheer Mats - Custom Cut.
Can you use tables and chairs on top of this product at all? I have a dual use space that I use occasionaly for parties that require setting up tables and chairs. Can I get a sample of the product?
Dean Barker
You can place tables and chairs on these mats. Since these mats are foam, they will depress when weight is placed on them. You also would not want to push and pull chairs on these mats. To get around a lot of these challenges, we would recommend using furniture sliders under all tables and chairs. This will allow you to push and pull chairs without damaging the mats and the sliders will help to keep the mats from getting damaged by the table and chair legs. To get a sample of this mat, please feel free to call one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, email, or phone and they will be more than happy to assist with that request.
How wide is it once rolled up and standing on its's end? (the diameter)
Katelyn Daentl
The rolled up sizes for our 6' x 42' Cheer Mats is as follows. 6' x 42' x 1 3/8" mats: 32" x 32" x 72" 6' x 42' x 2" mats: 41" x 41" x 72"
Can this be installed over an existing carpet?
Theresa Struck
You can install our 6' x 42' Cheer mats over existing carpet.
Can I have foam flooring custom made in a circle?
Norman Banks
If you are looking for a custom size or shape of our 6' x 42' Cheer Mats, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, phone, or email, and they will be more than happy to assist you with your request.
I'm trying to purchase new Velcro tape for my cheer mats. I have 7 panels that are 6 x 42, so I'd need 6 rolls. Do you carry these?
When you order multiple mats of our 6' x 42' Cheer Mats, the velcro is included for free. So for 7 panels, you will get 6 rolls of velcro. This is also true for all of our cheer mats.
How many mats would I need for a regulation floor in the gym at a high school?
Debbie Vihstadt
The standard size for competition use is 42' x 42'. So you would need 7 - 6' x 42' Cheer Mats.
What cleaning agents are safe to use in these mats. With covid, we are trying to sanitize more than just wiping with a damp cloth. Is there something that will damage the mats? Cleaners, thieves,etc
Cheer mats can be cleaned with any of the disinfectants provided on the list of EPA recommended COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) disinfectants, which can be found on the EPA website. It is important to choose a disinfectant that will not change the color of your mat, cleaners with high concentrations of bleach are not recommended.
Can I cut these mats to fit my space?
Junae Ficken
Cheer mats are made from a foam bonded to specialty carpet that is easy to cut with a utility knife. This allows you to install in a specific area, such as around a beam or support pole. We also offer custom cut cheer mats if you are interested in a specific size only.
What is the approximate weight of your 6' X42 mat?
The weight of the 2" mats is 157lbs and the 1-3/8" thick mats is 127 lbs.
Can these be left outdoors- rain proof?
Yes, these mats are rain-proof. However you would want to ensure that they have time to dry and do not collect moisture underneath the mat for extended periods of time because mildew can form. This also helps maintain the longevity of the mat and keeps it clean.
Our roll out mats are now several years old and looking dingy due to high use. Can they be cleaned safely with a carpet cleaning services such as COIT?
The carpet material used for our 6' x 42' Cheer Mats is a durable non-cotton material. These surfaces can be cleaned but should not be aggressively cleaned with steam and agitation. Commercial carpet cleaners should have no problem cleaning these surfaces and would be more knowledgeable about the methods they can use.
On the 6'x42'x2" size cheer mat. Can it, by chance, be cut in half and still hold up. My school is on a meager budget. But I don't need one 42, but I could cut and lay it side by side with the fabric tape toll to keep it together? Or can you tell me if you have 6'x22'x2" or something like that and how much?
Deanna Lynn Weir
If you are looking for a custom cut mat, we offer our Cheer Mats - Custom Cut as the perfect option for any custom mats.
Can you clean these mats with a steam cleaner (Rug Doctor)?
Yes, you can use a steam cleaner/carpet cleaner (Rug Doctor) on our 6' x 42' and Home Cheer Mats.
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Self-installed in In our commercial tumble/cheer gym
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Zac from Jefferson MD wrote...
  Solid Product
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This flooring arrived in good condition, in recyclable packaging and was easy to install. It seems to be holding up well (only two weeks). We are happy with it.
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